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  1. Lycifer Soul here, ever hear about the JRPG of "Legend of the Dragoon"? It's very Final Fantasy-esque. Not very well known because of its difficulty. FF4 and this game from the PS1 era that had 4 disks are my favorite JRPGs from my childhood
  2. I want to continue this but wow just an observation he found?? Ummm to quote Phil. "Ohhhhkaaayyy dude whatever you say ahahaah" This is my first time in any sort of forums. I was expecting a better response but oh well. Brush up on your semantics buddy that's all i gotta say. Life ain't black and white.
  3. I'm assuming you only think an "insult" would be a vulgarity towards him, when it's not always the case. Let me direct you to the insults i was referring to which are insults and not constructive criticism which i doubt you even what that is(that's an example of an insult without vulgarity) "why do you even bother anymore?" "You play the games stupidly" "he's seemingly extremely insecure"
  4. Hey there Phil, LyciferSoul here, first time-long time been a fan since your Fallout 3 playthough back in the day anyways. My question to you about today's modern gaming industry is that do you think some game dev slack off or don't put as much potential into a game so they have something to improve on when they make a sequel to the game essentially for job security. Obviosly game devs like Rockstar or Bethesda don't need to worry about this as much since almost every title they released is at least a good game and sell very well. But i cannot believe how these yearly released game titles/franchise get little to no work on them besides the new world maps(which most aren't even that big to begin with), minor graphic update one new game mode, new story mode and that's it? What else can they add to a new racing game now a days besides upgrade the graphics? COD was only good this year because of the battle royal besides that it was just a small improvement of BO3. Don't even get me started on fighting games. Maybe im biased that if a game does not have a challenging factor or an AMAZING story, it better have alot of original content for the $60 I pay for. Im tired of these repetitive online crap games people are sheeping over. Oh and fuck fornite. Genuine criticism does not contain multiple insults. I understand what you mean about his lack of attention on some things but hey that doesn't bother me if anything that adds to the hilarity of his playthroughs why would somone even start to get mad about that is beyond me.
  5. AnonymousOwl

    Ask the King Ep. 61: September 29, 2016

    Huge fan of you Phil let's capitalize on a trend about you!!! Would you let me do a Highlight reel of your videos and let you post then on YouTube. Sort of a "this is how youdon't play montage" Funny thing about those video they include more of your jokes than you messing up. Anyways how about it? I re watch certain play through you what me to cover first or just do the ones I see fit?