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  1. I hated it for the first 5 minutes because it wasn't what I expected. Then I adjusted my mindset and got rid of all my expectations. Said to myself "they are going somewhere with this" & resumed watching without judgment. I eventually finished both episodes. Im probably going to keep watching it just out of curiosity of what the show will eventually do.
  2. The democrats have turned impeachment into a partisan floor show.
  3. Its not about whether he deserves it or not. Its about a few silicon valley oligarchs having the power to decide whether or not Americans deserve to hear from their President. Love him or hate him he is still the democratically elected president of the United States. Remember not so long ago when the courts ruled Trump was not allowed to block people? In banning Trump the CEO of twitter is doing what the court said was illegal (Preventing people from seeing his tweets). Either Americans have the right to see Trump's posts or they don't. They cant have it both ways.
  4. Banned out of fear of what he might say. Sorry Americans but you are no longer allowed to hear from your president unless its approved by billionaire ceo's.
  5. My political views align with the right but any protester committing violence should be arrested and charged accordingly no matter who they support. _______________________________________________________________ Twitter just locked the presidents twitter. Identity of woman killed at the capitol today has been revealed.
  6. Happy new year as well. 10:15pm here as of this posting.
  7. I think he should do the opposite. Stop cutting his hair until its a ponytail. #DSPonytail
  8. What retail products (food/drinks included) did you love and buy regularly until they were suddenly discontinued? What do you wish could be brought back from discontinued products hell?
  9. Someone already made a compilation of the bugginess on the ps4 version.
  10. The stances states are taking regarding the Texas election lawsuit.
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