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  1. California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont & Washington are banning gaming pc's that do not meet efficiency standards of new law.
  2. Difference between a fast car and a Tesla Plad
  3. Decide what percentage of your disposable income to save and stick to it for as long as you're working. Your future self will appreciate it. And its also good for emergencies.
  4. I think I remember him talking about why he doesn't have a problem with spoiling viewers and its that if you haven't played an old game by now it means you don't actually care about it & if you don't care it means you also won't care about spoilers. I personally don't agree with that thought process. Just because a person hasn't gotten into a game it does not mean they never will. The past holds a treasure trove of entertainment that can be tapped into at any time. There are games that came out 10 years ago that I just now started playing due to the fact that theres a GPU shortage and
  5. Were there any foods you hated as a child but have grown to appreciate as an adult? And vice versa.
  6. AMD & Nvidia need to get on this tech immediately. This plus DLSS tech and we could be playing with photorealistic graphics at 4K with good frame rates.
  7. Twitter is apparently rolling out a new feature allowing you to send money as a tip to Twitter accounts.
  8. What game/s have you gotten for it?
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