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  1. I started drinking coffee around the age of 10. I love the taste (with creamer and sweetener added). I wont drink it plain.
  2. I've only been to a Halloween attraction once in my life and that was about 11 years ago and I only went because a family member invited me. It wasn't scary but it was entertaining, watching other people freak out was funny. I don't plan on attending any more haunted attractions but if I'm ever invited again I'd go.
  3. I believe technology will eventually reach that point but I'd be surprised if it happened in my lifetime.
  4. With KOTOR being remade would you prefer they keep the same plot/story/characters and just update the game mechanics & graphics or are you open to changes to the story/plot/characters?
  5. Whatever Newsom was giving them must have been exactly what they wanted lol.
  6. In the past you spoke of your states covid measures and its effect on local businesses, you said that many were closed temporarily but not all came back when the state allowed them to reopen. How are your local businesses doing now?
  7. Cleaning a garage and shredding old documents. Fun stuff.
  8. Sorry to double post but I forgot to include a version with youtube and twitter info.
  9. Taliban are at the desk of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. https://apnews.com/article/afghanistan-taliban-kabul-bagram-e1ed33fe0c665ee67ba132c51b8e32a5
  10. California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont & Washington are banning gaming pc's that do not meet efficiency standards of new law.
  11. Difference between a fast car and a Tesla Plad
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