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  1. But its not a detractor video. This guy compliments Phil: Gives tips to what he should and shouldn't do: It has occasional comments that criticize his playing and commentary: But thats as bad as it gets. If this is a detractor video then the mods can correct me but if this is detractorish then damn near any type of criticism can be called detractorish. Im not going to sit here and act like the majority of TIHYDP's aren't outlandishly criticizing Phil and have very insulting comments in them. But lets not put them all in a box either. Like I said, if Ph
  2. Which one are you talking about? Can u link it? Cause the ones I see is the Loophole one and the other one thats titled "Lets Teach Phil How To Play Undertale" and it actually is trying to help Phil play through the game while also putting up a few comments that aren't overly insulting at all and are poking fun at Phil... I didn't even know this even existed but thanks for pointing to evidence that not every TIHYDP or variation of those videos isn't out to fully discredit Phil. In fact iill link it just to show it. If you think this is detractor content. Then you are the one thats delusio
  3. No. Period. Not trying to be negative, but he has to completely change his commentary style, learn how to network with other Youtuber's and research the field, study and learn how to become a professional editor, and invest money into his business instead of just paying bills. Which you know and I know none of which is happening. DSP lost his creative edge a long time ago and I believe he is perfectly comfortable with just staying afloat on Youtube with doing the most minimal amount of work possible. He is in his twilight years on Youtube, and honestly, I think he can't wait to stop
  4. Top 3 Cleveland Browns Worst Moments of the 2016 Season (So Far). Its only Week 4 and the Browns are already having an apocalyptic bad season. I have a special place in my heart for the Browns cause unfortuantely a few of my family members are cursed fans of the worst team in the NFL. The Browns haven't been a .500 team in the last 10 years. And it just seems like Jesus was crucified in Cleveland and God decided to punish its football team. Heres some of the top 3 worst moments this year. 3. Browns get demolished by the QB they should of drafted. During the draft the Browns trad
  5. Awww did likkle Detrwators say some mean stuff about Phil's past? Dawwww... Its so hard waking up and walking upstairs to a dream job everyday...That argument is two way street buddy. I didn't say he deserves the constant bullying but you cannot just throw such instances as "Friend Ridicule" and calling a Notch a "fucking idiot" under the rug like they didn't happen just cause its in the past. What also doesn't help is the continued mis-management of handling any inkling of criticism by calling people idiots for bringing it up. Im also not saying what they do is justifiable, but again, lets no
  6. I agree two negative's don't make a positive, but a few of the fans act like the hate for Phil just fell out of the sky one day when in reality there were events that led up to the ex-fans revolting and swinging the pendulum of his internet persona. They started doing the balancing first, not the other way around. That's just real talk. Ok, here's what makes those death comment's meaningless compared to what Phil says. Anyone without a face can make a Google account and type bullshit, they're cowards, unless you're that thin skinned, who gives a fuck. But here is a Youtuber with a 180,
  7. Yea I like Prescott, just an Eagles fan hating on the Cowboys but im glad Prescott is breaking out like Wentz and not being sidelined like Jared Goff. Tired of waiting a year or so just to see what rookie Quarterbacks can do in the pros.
  8. Oh I know, every time the Patriot's get stopped on 3rd down they question Belichecks legend status. It'd just be funny to see the Browns finally being talked about for a week straight and not have Manziel involved. They wouldn't need to win another game after that. 1 - 15 and they'd be happy until next season. Brady will probably get 4 or 5 touchdowns, maybe even meet or break his record.
  9. "Sub-human idiotic loser's." "Sociopaths." "No-lifer's" "Accessories to Attempted Murder on DarkSydePhil." Just a few things that have been said by Phil to the TIHYDP creators and those that like them, but you're in an uproar cause someone called him a homosexual slur even though everyone knows he has a girlfriend. Really?
  10. Early NFL Week 5 Counter Predictions Cardinals vs 49ers: 49ers 27 - 17 / Will will further prove Cardinals are the most disappointing team in the league. Texans vs Vikings: TBD / Have to see what they do tonight with the Giants. Bears vs Colts: Colts 24 - 14 / Bears will continue to be team SUC and Colts will want revenge after what happened in London. Jets vs Steelers: Steelers 38 - 7 / Steelers offense is back in full force. Until Fitz shaves he's totally irrelevant in the game of football. Titans vs Dolphins: Who cares. Eagles vs Lions: Eagles 31 - 20 / Eagles will dominate the
  11. Of course the past affects the present but DSPGaming gains maybe 100 subs a month. I don't want to be beaten over the head with something that happened a year and a half ago for the receding progression of a channel. Especially when the reasoning for the regression is totally recoverable. I honestly think the DSPGaming a couple of years ago before Patreon was way better the what it is today. Can everyone here admit they've watched a TIHYDP video? So there's proof of a draw to those videos for fans and detractors alike and we aren't all idiotic sub-human losers who secretly get off on a man f
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