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  1. I was gonna say I wish he would play SMT Nocturne since he has only played Persona and has never played a mainline SMT game. But Phil said he was never going to play an Atlus game again so fuck me.
  2. Jacks

    Persona 5

    Thats because the tutorial is actually 8 hours long.
  3. For character name he is either just going to put his real name or something odd. I honestly think he should just go with the canon name "Akira(Given name) Kurusu(Family name)."
  4. Jacks

    Persona 5

    Well, Im excited. But there is one thing Phil should probably know, most of the "new" mechanics in P5 aren't actually new.They are just refined mechanics from Persona's 1 and 2 as well as other Shin Megami Tensei games
  5. That's true but sadly I dont think Phil will ever play the first one.
  6. Persona 5 got delayed to April 4th, meaning the only two high profile games coming out in February are For Honor and NieR 2: Automata. Obviously Phil is gonna play For Honor, but does anyone else think Phil should play the new NieR game? The original NieR was considered one of the best early JRPG's on the PS3 and I think Phil will really like it. You dont have to have played NieR 1 or any of the Drakenguard games (I know Phil didnt like Drakenguard 3 but the only conncetion between the 2 game series is that they are in the same Universe. They have completely different gameplay.) to understand whats going on.
  7. Theres also another huge JRPG coming out. NieR Automata.
  8. Jacks

    Persona 3

    Just so you guys know, EVERYTHING in the SMT franchise weather it be the OG SMT games or Persona are canon. The events of SMT1 and SMT2 caused a multi-dimension split so there were now 2 canonical universe's (The SMT universe and the Persona universe). The events of Persona 2's direct sequel "Persona 2 Innocent Sin" caused an infinite dimensional split. Meaning everything SMT related is canonical to the story UNLESS it is an updated version of a past game. Meaning Golden is the canon version of P4 and FES is the canon version of P3. It's why the Persona fighting games and even P4 Dancing All Night are canon. (And they say Kingdom Hearts is convoluted)
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