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  1. ​Let's be fair, I did not incite a mob nor tell people "go harass him". I tried several means to reach out to him to discuss this privately, he blocked me on Skype and read my PM on here did not respond and left the conversation. So I posted the following: Now if "call out" is the same as bully I apologize if that was the perception by some. Call out in my dictionary is to bring attention to someone's actions. I wanted Joseph to answer for his blatant attack against us even though we had done nothing to him. I cited my proof of what he did and the fact that he recently (and again for no reason) blocked me on various avenues. "Let's" in this case was sort of like a self dialogue to say I am in a more stylized way. I definitely used harsh words, and I usually don't carry myself that way, but I was very upset at an a relative nobody with no affiliation to us making a random act of aggression like that. He responded by sidestepping the issues and refusing accountability: I accused him of reporting the SoK Hangout thread and the Judge Dredd thread, I showed the actual reports he filed for both. What really enrages me, many of the SoK, and many of the community is a lack of accountability. That is why issues with moderating and sidestepping evoke such a reaction out of us. Here I am willing to answer for my actions. Keep in mind this is the same guy who Phil personally banned and then called him derogatory things while doing so. This Collins fellow has been one of the most persistent detractors, hiding his deep cutting insults as pseudo-intellectual analysis. For Phil to side with a detractor just shows that he is willing to use a person to get his wish. Just like with God_Revan walking out to blame "haters" and threaten people. If the community has no right to be upset and discuss what happened with that thread then again I will offer up my thoughts on the purpose of this forum. This forum is for fans to become Phil's unpaid: writing staff, graphic designers and well wishers; ONLY. Finally, I just want you guys to think about this: Phil is a bully. I am more than happy to hear how he isn't.
  2. I was very excited for this playthrough, but I wanted to play through it myself before watching it. I saw on Twitter tonight that he has quit the game by part 17, so I watched part 16 to see what frustrated him so much. I ended up being the one who was frustrated. I see that he was sitting on over 40 soul clusters and over $80,000 instead of using them to upgrade himself to make the combat and navigation more manageable. By the end of this part he finally upgraded his flying and health which were the two leading factors into his difficulties. He spent the entire part slowly moving around in the machine gun chair aka "Sloth" It really seemed as though he didn't give the game a chance, by part 2 he was already getting frustrated and it seems when Phil has made up his mind on a game he goes into this mode where he tries to shove in your face how bad it is. By part 16 he asked his fans if they wanted him to continue and by that point they had enough of the negativity and wanted it to be done with. Phil claimed quite a lot that it was "just repetitive side content" but that is exactly what Saints Row 4 was. Each "mission" was do about 4 side activities for me and you get X. Here were his thoughts on SR 4: For me, I have played for over 10 hours and reached 85% completion. I was able to fully upgrade myself and all of my weapons in the process. I had a lot of fun playing this game but perhaps I am a bit biased since I only paid #5Dawlers preordering from Gamestop. What are your thoughts on the playthrough now that it has been completed?
  3. So far so good with the game itself. Looks a bit too easy, but other than that the remastering they did is excellent. I'm thinking about picking it up myself now for PC.
  4. ​Sure, there's a two drink minimum though :P
  5. Hi my name is Fred. I'm a 25 year old grad student at UIUC in Champaign, IL. I'm addicted to mixed martial arts since outgrowing professional wrestling at age 12. I guess that's the first thing I should say since it is such a big part of me. I am currently the President of the Sons of Kojima, a group that I love very much and care about all of the close friends I've made within it. I've been working on bring my public speaking skills over to the broadcasting side in September and I've fallen in love with it ever since. In August I tried my hand at video and photo editing, I hope to continue with it and improve over time. I also love: gaming, tech, and stand up comedy. Finally, if you play me in Super Smash Bros on N64... I'm Gonna Bop Ya.
  6. ​I think this happens most when someone starts a thread that is in some way critical and then a handful of the same people come in to derail it to get that exact outcome: No further discussion, possible deletion.
  7. ​It is quickly becoming our theme song! :D
  8. We had a chance to do something great KG. Maybe next time? :)
  9. ​$175 to come on the podcast for 1 hour and actually have a conversation about the issues. We can do this all day KG.
  10. ​$150 to come on the Sons of Kojima podcast and talk with us for 1 hour and actually have a discussion about the issues.
  11. ​Top donation is $100, I have already donated $75. You accepting my challenge would not only beat the top donation by $25 it would double it in totality. I'm offering to donate to THE cause, not OUR charity, for something that will benefit the DSP community as a whole and entertain hundreds of people. If KG wants to drop that act of caring about our charity then no one is forcing him. d( ^ - ^ )b ​I agree to those terms.
  12. I raised the stakes, if cares about the charity and cause in the same way he tried to hold it over my head he wouldn't refuse.
  13. ​It isn't OUR charity either. It's Charity:Water, we set up a page on their site. So I guess you refuse?
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