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  1. Oh yeah most def dude! I completely agree with you. Three bedroom house in one of most expensive west cities in America? Cmon bro. Yes he did use tax breaks but i've yet to see anything gained from that at all. You're talking about Delaware? Bro im in the south and rent a 3 bed 2 bath two story house for 800 dollars. I have my 90's impala project and my Cadillac ATS. I make less than 40 grand a year... I knew Phil was full of smoke when he suggested that BMW and moving west would save money. I always have a flight worth of money in my bible to get back to EL Paso (my native city) to get back to family if need be. My girl is an R & N out here and despite we are together she as her savings just in case. Her or I would never be stranded like Leanna is. My PC and pretty much "man cave" is totally pawnable if things go sour. If I go into a hint of debt, those items would be the first to go. So I don't understand Phil's logic when he's 7 YEARS OLDER THAN ME and realies on a donation website to stay afloat. Theres so much shit he can do on his Youtube alone to make profit if he put in the effort. But honestly, I think he's to lazy to do anything about it.
  2. Yo! What do you think of the Luke Cage TV Show!? I watched every episode in one go and I love the references to other characters and the show in general. Only downfall, I don't expect season 2 till after the next Guardians of the Galaxy film or Thor movie.
  3. Very true! I agree with you that people can easily do this into their 40's if they have the means too. The only thing is in Phil's situation, he's broke and in debt in just a two person household where both parties are working. So just the thought of adding an expensive child in that situation, and don't get me wrong a child is a beautiful thing, but children are bad for business. With Phil's schedule with barely making ends meat streaming 5 hours and uploading 30 videos a day, there's no way to ramp that up while trying to be a daddy and provide for a child. Let's be honest, Youtube is trying desperately to over plug that revenue stream that broke lose during the golden years of Youtube when channels like Phil's use to make 5 - $6,000 a month. You seen Phil's tweet about the checkbox that you now have to check just to receive regular notifications from ALL your subscriptions and not just the ones you frequent! Youtube been trying to push the bottom feeders out of a full time Youtube career, and with Google Chrome now offering adblock as standard, the contract renegotiation, and just the amount of people that do what Phil does more or less, Phil can't base anything important in his future on this platform anymore. He just can't . So Phil would have to get a job, and Phil is sternly against getting one of those. So change of lifestyle is out of the question as long as Phil is on Youtube.. unless lady luck strikes Phil's channel and he gets a shitload of viral videos... But relying your entire business on a fluke is like spending your life savings and every last dollar you have just to start a mom and pop restaurant in the desert and buying a bunch of lottery tickets to fallback on just in case the restaurant doesn't catch on. Oh, and lets not even discuss a wedding, cause Leanna doesn't seem the type to get ghetto married at a court house..
  4. Just to expound on the car analogy. Most of DSP's 2008 - 2011 fans just bought new cars (Found a more entertaining Youtuber), refinanced on a newer year car of the same model (Love DSP's style but moved over to Angry Joe who does what DSP's does with more effort and editing), or took public transportation (Stop going on Youtube altogether). But DSP is like that classic car that doesn't start cause the battery died and the gas in it is old and probably contaminated. It's a burden to have, it's leaking oil in your garage, but once its running on all cylinders once in a blue moon, its great till it inevitably breaks down tomorrow.
  5. How many people here have a law degree and is an attorney that specializes in fair use cases? Nobody huh? How many people here are going to donate enough money to Phil to finance his case in court against the TIHYDP videos and Youtube? Nobody right? So you guys can argue what is and isn't transformative work or fair use until you're blue in the face, but the fact remains that the videos are still on Youtube and it's virtually nothing you can do about taking them off of Youtube. Two things you can do is turning on parental control's on yourselves or if you're mature enough, ignore them entirely and go on about your day instead of having little pointless text battles about Fair Use Law with each other when there's not a half a law degree between any of you. As for what Phil should do. Cope with them, stop insuting them, embrace them, and maybe far far in the future you will be able to get a few of those editors who make TIHYDP videos on your side and you can pay them to make and post them on KOGaming. Until then tho, utterly pointless insulting the people making them and blaming the millions that watch them for DSP's downfall.
  6. Never said you did, but this thread was purely made to complain about TIHYDP taking views about 2 1/2 - 3 years too late to do anything about it. This thread is just blowing alot of hot air around when like I just described if the video's bother you that bad just set your account to block adult content and you never have to see a TIHYDP video again, but if you can handle adult content and can ignore certain videos then do that. TIHYDP has a fanbase and has evolved past Phil. If you don't like them, cool, but don't scream their "illegal" and they are "leeching off of Phil" to try to get them off the website when they're not and Phil isn't providing any content to match what TIHYDP's are doing. Its pointless!
  7. Im sorry I have to stop you there. How is creating a montage featuring a Youtuber's worst moments taking potshots at that very person playing the game? I admit there are video's out there that are just purely made to criticize Phil, but the majority of the TIHYDP video's are just digestible versions of his epic long gameplay playthrough's. If you don't like the comments pasted all over the video's that are derived from the comment section of the original video. Turn off comment's. If you don't like the footage of you playing badly being used against you. Stop uploading everything to Youtube or Play better. It's that simple. If Youtube's strict ass contentID system doesn't blink twice at it and flagging those videos does nothing then that should tell you they're not illegal on the Youtube site. Bottom line is DSP is not a television show or a billion dollar company that originated somewhere else and came to Youtube. DSP is a Youtuber, quite frankly, the same rules don't apply and he doesn't nearly have enough influence (or money) to change anything he doesn't like on the site that doesn't initially violate Youtubes rules. If you don't like it, try suing them until you run out of money, or Phil can fix it by doing the two things i mentioned above, if not then I don't know what to tell you other than complaining and screaming "it's illegal" does and means nothing. As a fan, you should just ignore them and don't watch them if a Youtube video bothers you that much. In fact just make another Youtube account and set your age to under 13 or set your content controls to restrict adult content and I guarantee you you'll never have to see a TIHYDP or an offensive video again. And @LastRambo341, nobody can't do anything and people should stop complaining. Its pointless this late in the game so why do it. And @Phil if you're reading this why the hell did you lock the "Buy the Move Controllers" thread, I don't see the big deal on spending another $30 on a peripheral you're never going to use again when you're about to spend $400 on a peripheral your never going to use again.
  8. Definitely, and that game is confirmed to require two Move controllers.
  9. I skimmed through Phil's tweets/replies and discovered he's about to make a terrible decision: You should consider raising your chances Phil cause playing and reviewing a limited version of the Sony VR headset as a professional gamer on Youtube is like you reviewing the Xbox 360 console by just buying the Core Version they had years back. You know, the one that came with a wired controller and had no hard-drive so you couldn't save your games, download anything or even go on XBOX LIVE. YEAH. That bad! I just looked at a couple reviews of the thing and they all say to get the full experience and even play certain games, you should invest into getting Move controllers. Here's an excerpt from IGN: So I HIGHLY RECOMMEND just buying some used Move controllers and take them back (or keep them) after you get done covering the PSVR. I think giving a fully detailed review of the thing and not trying to cope with a limited version of the thing should give a boost to views and give Phil more legitimacy when he releses videos and gameplay footage. BUY THE MOVE CONTROLLERS PHIL.
  10. LOL yes he did, yes he fucking did.
  11. Thanks for agreeing with me! I knew I wasn't crazy! Im actually one of those people that was introduced to DSP by the TIHYDP series. Thats why I said the series has evolved past him, the series has an outreach way longer than DarkSydePhil's regular content does and it has it's own fanbase at this point. It's free publicity, I don't know why Phil and his fans are tripping. If anything, embrace it.
  12. Yeah im pretty much waiting for one to get shot and the epidemic will be over.
  13. [DISCUSS] What do you guy's think about these morons running round in clown suits scaring people. I think its the sign of the end times when a bunch of idiots decide to start an epidemic of clown attacks that shut down schools and roads used by sane people.
  14. I had to comment on this. Let me just say that, yes, TIHYDP has siphoned views and viewers away from DarkSydePhil. But its several years too late. DSP is still the focus of the movement but it has undoubtedly evolved beyond him. There's TIHYDP's of Game Grumps, LowTierGod, and there are different variations of it now. It's pointless to talk trash or even try to counter them now. They have dozens of directors that make them, and they have so many views even if DSP wanted to make series like TIHYDP it would just fall behind all the TIHYDP videos that are out there in the search criteria. This notion that TIHYDP's are illegal? Hilarious. There's hours of montages made of Markiplier, PewDiePie, etc that exist on Youtube that are not published by the original Youtuber. They have alot of views, and those would be the first to go if they were illegal on Youtube. The difference is that those Youtubers were saavy enough to realize that a large group of people would only want to watch the best/worst moments of their playthroughs and make it a priority early on to make montages (or have someone else make them) and post it on the original channel so it would be the number one place to get that content. What Phil fucking did was complain about the people making them, insulted them, and insulted the people that watched then which pretty much threw a gas truck into a wild fire, while all the while not being bothered to do anything about or edit his own content into digestible portions that the people obviously wanted to see on his channel. Soo the fire continued on, and it just fucking gathered more energy and spread to the point its like the Centralia, Pennsylvania Coal Mine Fire, its just going to keep on burning probably even after Phil is done with Youtube (Or when Youtube is done with Phil, whichever comes first). So, in conclusion, whats the point of hating them and complaining about it now? It's like the old man shaking his fist at the kid's that walk on his front lawn. You can shake your fist as hard as you want, your old ass can't do shit about it.
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