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  1. foodge

    Dark Souls III Playthrough

    So what's the point of this thread?
  2. foodge

    Dark Souls III Playthrough

    I hope it's true about increased difficulty. Can't wait to watch some classic dsp rage.
  3. foodge

    Patreon goal

    If the $1250 goal isn't reached then whatever was planned obviously isn't going to happen. Edit: too late...
  4. foodge

    Dark Souls III Playthrough

  5. foodge

    Dark Souls III Playthrough

    Can someone correct me if I'm wrong, but Isn't falsifying information as the means to get the game breaking the law? It's not like the game has been leaked on American/European Xbox marketplaces...
  6. foodge

    Cooking with the Queen?

    Actually, it's very much Phil's fans == Leanna's fans. Who do you think buys her soap? Dsp's fans mostly. As for the topic, I thought the whole appeal of original series was how bad dsp's cooking is hence the name "Poorly cooking with the king". I'd much rather see that return, because it was hilarious.
  7. I think they're only allowing streaming of English version to select few people and not to general public.
  8. I probably should have said that it's too much effort for dsp. He never edits gameplay videos so unless you meant editing videos on his vlogs and kogaming channels only, I don't think it's going to happen. He wants dspgaming to be the channel with raw footage only so that he can quickly pump out as many videos as possible. Personally I think it's a good idea, but yeah...not happening.
  9. Too much effort, unless YouTube can auto-generate that for him?
  10. foodge

    Are Team-Based Shooters Really Just a "Fad"?

    Meh, I guess it's another thing for dsp to hate on. Not a big deal.
  11. Couple of suggestions for Week In Preview: - stick to one week ahead. Yesterday's WIP for example, covers past week, a week ahead and then entire month of March. Doing this could cut video's length a lot and increase viewer engagement. - plugs for Patreon, soap, etc. should IMO be very brief (maybe a minute long?) and perhaps grouped together at either beginning or end of a video. At the moment, these are all over the place, e.g. Patreon plug at the beginning, talk about views in the middle and soap related stuff at the end. Having implemented those two suggestions I think it's very possible to reduce the video's length to ~5 minutes. Any thoughts?
  12. Yeah, not a big fan of AOS either, but considering the type of videos he makes, his statement didn't deserve as much attention as it got IMO.
  13. foodge

    Street Fighter V

    ~5 videos a day (maybe each one dedicated to a different character) would be much more digestible. Let's see what will be the video count for tonight...
  14. foodge

    Your Most Anticipated Game Of 2016

    Quantum Break, Deus Ex and Dishonored 2.
  15. foodge

    Phil Reacts: Fan Reaction Thread

    I think the comparison would be: your playthroughs = live reaction videos like the one by Angry Joe your reviews = reaction video like the one you put out It's really simple