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  1. I know but it can't be that he has more likes yet low views and more shares,unless phil is referring to kogaming, it's simply impossible on dspgaming I also realized that no matter what WE the audience tell phil, it won't get through to him. We need gordon ramsay to lay the truth to phil and help him
  2. Actually I think that they're coming from KOgaming only
  3. It's always suspicious when someone begins to guilt trip you to give money. I just can't grasp how difficult it would be for somebody who has a business degree to not be able to find a job on the West Coast
  4. I'd also like to advise phil that his jealousy against other youtubers really won't help him gain any new followers. IF youtube is glitched or bugged as phil claims then, I don't know, that would explain as to why they also opened patreon accounts
  5. There's one problem, phil's not paying attention There's one problem, phil's not paying attention
  6. Yet the problem is that other youtubers don't create content that can be used against them. Not all youtubers rage or get frustrated in areas which are not intended as frustrating or rage inducing levels. Other youtbers don't call everything bugs or glitches, nor do they take them as seriously as phil does when they encounter them. I highly doubt that people who end up taking their time to produce TIHYDP videos, make money anywhere near the required amount to hire a lawyer for any legal action. Second, there is a thing called 'fair use' which applies to everyone, even if you don't like. I also
  7. This was posted on phils' video "The week in preview, Oct 23, 2016" It's extremely long but I view it very insightful "DSP, I hope you read this because I am giving you honest criticism because I used to be a long time fan of you for years, since back when you had 25000 subs on Darksydephil all the way until only a few years ago on DSPGaming, and though I do not follow your channel any longer I do not want to see your channel fail. I'm sad to hear that your business is not doing well but unfortunately it is a culmination of many mistakes and a lack of receptiveness of feedback from your v
  8. Isn't ssohpkc technically providing similar content though? Target audiences. That's what phil doesn't understand. He doesn't understand that if a business does not have a target audience, it simply collapses. I also want to note that it seems phil changed his tone completely after reaching the patreon goal and is giving the notion that he simply doesn't need to change
  9. Well, your not the first nor the last to provide such experiences, even without bias. The only people that make a game look good are ACTUALLY paid by triple A developers, and such cases are few.They are few for a reason since developers would view this as an investment and wouldn't want to give money to smaller less popular youtubers
  10. Yet in the past months of 2016 you completely make a different notion when you 1)constantly ask people to pledge and remind them of your financial status and 2) complain frequently of how bad a game is during the playthrough.. I can't name a single game out of 2016 which didn't make it look like you were about to rage . I can't imagine how anyone would have fun when they constantly get frustrated on levels frequently. You can't say that games followed a 'predictable' formula when you yourself, before the release of triple A titles in the later half of this year, said that once the releases beg
  11. You say that the site became "commercial" and the "day job" for other people, yet you view it as and refer to it as a 'business' yourself.Phil, I hope you really understand this, but unless you actually change, you will be digging a very deep grave which patreon won't save you. You were able to change from a handheld camera so why not take the extra steps to keep yourself afloat considering the endless waves of actual competition.You also say that you enjoy doing this, but i'm sorry the last couple of months are starting to show that your doing this purely as a business rather than a profitabl
  12. and know explain as to what they're jealous of
  13. I would like to point out that the only time developers request you to praise its game is if your an actual big title reviewer. In phil's case, like all smaller playthrough channels. they'll just ask him to showcase the game.
  14. yet does he not advertise himself on the game developers content with patreon and pandalee's soaps. As I said, if you're strapped for cash to a point that endangers the channel, you end up making the choices that will keep you afloat in the end.Being slightly hypocritical is nothing new and everyone's done it at one point
  15. I have a question. If phil is completely strapped for cash to a point where he worries for the future of his channel, why does not immediately accept the offers of 12 indigaming studies? Did he make that up to get people to pledge(I also pledged $5)? Don't tell me his dignity prevents him from accepting considering his public shaming of people who paid extra to play battlefield 1 early yet bought the season pass to dark souls to just play it early himself. damn you auto correct
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