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  1. Hey Phil, just wanted to give you a heads up on this https://hitman.com/news/hitman-holiday-content Would be fun to see you play! And i doubt it would take long to complete!
  2. Haha any else saw the big discussion those 2 people have in the comments of the video? :P
  3. Hi Phil, do you like History? Did you read much of that in school? What was your favorite subject? If yes to history, it would be fun to watch you play some history games some time :-)
  4. If you do go back, please do like you said in your text and focus on the gameplay, cause i only watch your videos Phil because i like to be able to pause it if i need too go to toilet or something & since i watch videos and not live i rather not hear stuff like you mentioned other streamers do on twitch, so yeah, please focus on gameplay like u said in your text if you go back // A person who prefers to watch the videos
  5. I don' show up on streams because i want to watch the playthroughs in videos so i can pause the playthrough if i need to go AFK or something, i wont be able to do that Live so i then wait for him to upload it in videos
  6. Well, im not gonna watch a game that i dont find interesting, and i find Assassins Creed games very entertaining to watch because how it plays out like a movie and Phil does awesome commentary to those kind of games, and yeah, i guess it comes down to opinions, i mean i even onces sat and watched hes old playthroughs of asssains creed indian & italy because i enjoyed hes commentary while playing those kind of games, thats why i would love to see phil play Max Payne 1,2 because of how does games are played out,
  7. For me its more about what game he is playing, i remember watching Assassin Creed games he played, they were all awesome,
  8. Seems like a legit source? Or what do you think? https://www.sagaftra.org/files/non-struck_video_game_productions_1.pdf
  9. I am sorry if i have missed any information about this before
  10. It seems that this forum has some trust issues? Since i havent been here before that is what my guess is gonna be juding my the replies i have gotten here except Phils, and i dont think it matters what i say anymore since i have already said once that i am no troll or anything, just someone who has watched him now play games for a while and wanted to thank him for the entertaining years and showing of new games how they look and play out,
  11. Awesome, can't wait! I think because of the story in Max Payne 1,2 that it would be a fitting playthrough for you to play because of the big amount of story in those 2 games! And Hitman Blood Money request is only because i love that game and it would be awesome to watch you play it also! No i am not Phil, just a ''fan'' or ''viewer'' what ever u wanna call me that has watched him play games now for a while and started to think of games that i think he could play that i think others would find fun/interesting to watch him play including me because of the huge story and dialogs those games have :)
  12. Hi Phil, i don't know if you will read but i just wanna say thank you for giving me entertainment for some years now and thank you also for giving me a look on how recently released games looks and plays out which is very useful if a game is buggy or something else is screwed with the game. You have helped me avoid certain games that have turned out to be something completely horrible and you have also helped me buy games that i was not sure on how they played out but in the end did play out well and because of your playthroughs i saw that those games were awesome to play! So thank you for this also! :-) And i don't know how you do it, but your playthroughs are just so awesome, there are some youtubers that i can't even stand their voice when they talk because they try to talk in a ''funny'' or ''childish'' way. So thank you for being yourself and not trying too hard like other youtubers do that play games, i really can't stand it! And for last i just wanna ask, is there any chance you could someday play Max Payne 1,2 & Hitman Blood Money? They all exists on console, i think i saw some of them in the PS Store or Xbox Store for download so it should not need a CD to play those. And if you say no to the first question, if someone would send you codes for those 3 games would it be possible if so? Anyway, thank you for giving me insight into recently released games and entertaining playthroughs for some years now! :-)
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