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  1. It's not absurd at all, Phil shouted and sang the name all over MGS1, someone took it and ran the ball with it. End of story. Plenty of factions in history have group names or aliases that are even more well known commonly today. I think Phil's detractors just being named "Phil's Detractors" is trite to be honest.
  2. ​My gripes with it are that it's bloated in chapters and Jake's chapters with the vehicle sections are really crappy. It's not the worse game but the greatest? No.
  3. Unfortunately I don't see much to come from this on his behalf other than an opt out. If he did accept I think a formal discussion about what we think about his current content along with his motives would be the perfect chance to clear the air once and for all if he could actually follow suit since I'm sure a good 90 percent of us were fans of his. Nobody turns into haters overnight.
  4. ​The topic creator would probably approve of this.
  5. I just tried in this thread in particular, no upvoting allowed for me but a major thanks to Fred for bringing up the matter and Static clarifying. Hopefully the matter is resolved proficiently with time because members having this bug and others don't can be sort of seen as some flaw with the system.
  6. ​Anytime :) We're all trying to have fun and speak our minds here so I believe I can keep attuned to my good behavior.
  7. ​You're good, Kyoko. You're just trying to keep the peace and that's understandable. Mostly I've been giving my opinion in a non bias and fair manner so if I step over the edge with my demeanor then it's truly no harm meant by it. Us in the SOK commend you and I hope you keep up the excellent work upon the site.
  8. ​That's one irreparable image.even with that suggestion.
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