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  1. ​LoL Keith-kun, salty? The title is not pointless, because it is the exchange that Phil gives when the ppl donate. Like TG said, there should be custom titles,. But you are right Keith-kun, the title is pretty much pointless, because there can only be 1 most respected patreon, otherwise it will be negated (like now). Great work everybuddy
  2. ​oh my damn god!!! Are you for real?! This is so extremly productive that Phil never will listen to that and sadly all your work will be worthless. I already made a topic about the WIR WIP being basically 2 vids about 1 topic. He needs $, so..
  3. ​He is also on twitter and he is complaining that people have expectations to him. He is not professional. And just to let you know. Being professional does not mean not giving any effort or be at any level you want. The term "professional" comes when there is a set standard. In Phil's case he definitely does not meet those high standards of being professional, or else he would have been successfull. All professional LPer are successfull and being pro is not that easy, since there is no set formula to go for it. And yes, everything I have pointed out are all of his matters. You behave like the gaming community is a room full of people and DSP can just scream he is professional and everybody would be fine with that. But that ain't like that son. All standards are his matters. And I don't understand anything about football and I also do not care about team sport, since DSP is not a team. He is a 1 man person.
  4. ​Do you think that or do you wish that? Why wouldn't he bring that back if he can determine the people who will be in the call.
  5. ​Yes you do, because you making accusations about raisincinammon being mentally ill is completly ridiculous.
  6. He is not a professional gamer. If there was luxury caviar and then some discount caviar, Phil would be the discount one. He does not edit his playthroughs. He is splitting his streams in LP Parts and does not make single parts with introduction and end. He has no thumbnail with numbers. He needs an income through patreon, to be able to edit videos. He lacks in fan interaction in his LP parts. He has brought up a whole community to unite themselves to be against him. Hideo Kojima called him out. Sry but please do not compare yourself with people who have a clean image, fan interaction, editing work and focused LP recording
  7. Hey Phil, 1) What is your view on pirating games? 2) How are you doing with your back problems?
  8. And that is exactly why she should involve herself with his business. She is his girlfriend, he is her boyfriend.
  9. So I watched his Hateful Truth on The Order 1886 and I was like "dayum sun, now you start serious business man, 'bout dayem time" I also saw him saying that he needs patreon for his editing and that he is 1 man and so on. I don't know how successfull Panda Lee's soap shop is, but I would advise that she should help Phil. By her twitter feed, I assume that she is not that busy, so she could make herself useful and learn for Phil how to edit. If Phil wants to marry her I would suggest that this could be a beginning of a partner helping the other in difficult times.
  10. War itself is something Kishimoto couldn't handle. The real meaning and emotional impact of war was ruined to death and just shows more that this was not a real war. It was like omfg mass fighting omfg!!! War, a pretty adult topic in a shonen (boys) manga is already pretty critical, but Kishimoto really fucked it up.
  11. The war arc is one of the shittiest arcs ever made in manga and naruto history. It is a complete trainwreck.
  12. Will DSP be on time tonight??? This is the question!
  13. ​Then let me tell you this: "Everyone has his price, you just need to add the zeros"
  14. ​He says he does playthroughs not for money, but for the fans. He says if at least one watches it, he will do it. He contradicts himself at a daily basis. Now ppl like Monster Hunter on his channel, but he will now leave it unfinished. I made this thread, before his MH LP started and all things I assumed/predicted became reality.
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