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  1. Hey Phil, will you be attending E3 this year? Word is Bethesda will make their first game announcement in an E3 event and many hope it will either be Fallout 4 or a new Elder Scrolls game. Considering your shout "Please make a good game!!!" in your Order 1886 hateful truth review, it would be great to see you covering the unveiling of what probably will be GOTY 2015.
  2. Vaas - Far Cry 3 "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, expecting shit to change. That. Is. Crazy."
  3. Trantorian

    How Old Are You?

    19 in sixteen days.
  4. Lancaster, Pennsylvania (weird, I thought more than half of Phil's fans were internationals)
  5. I loved Isaac Asimov's galactic empire series. Trandor supposedly is the planet where humans have based their galactic empire 12.000 years in the future. It enumerates 40 billion people when Earth has been forgotten. Trantorian pretty straightforwardly signifies a denizen of the future!
  6. College became so much better with Phil's videos. I feel like you've always been there to entertain when shit just seem impossibly bleak. It's no hypocrisy to say that you made my graduation a lot easier, in your own way.
  7. I saw the four main characters of heavy rain on the cover page of a PlayStation magazine. Didn't know if I should buy the game or not, searched for gameplay on youtube and came across Phil's Demo playthrough of heavy rain. Got sucked into the channel immediately and continued with the new vegas playthrough. Thank you David Cage!
  8. I just hope you never tackle new releases like you've had during the past month...splitting time between Far Cry 4, WWE, Dragon Age and whatnot has been absolutely tormenting. I mean, you do realize it's been a month and you're still playing Dragon Age, while you could have finished it in two weeks. Not sure if this applies, but I think your streaming schedule portends to a lot less daily content in terms of youtube videos. I've attended many streams, and aside from the fact that you are fashionably 15-20 minutes late to start, you take 15-20 minute breaks for a measly total of 3 hour sessions! I don't want you to burn your eyes out, but surely you can give us something more. Also, now with your gaming calendar update, it reminded me of the good old times when you were playing skyrim and uploaded videos like crazy: I remember one particular guy's comment: "Damn it Phil, let me sleep!" cause everytime he finished part of the playthrough, more videos would pop up! I'm not saying that should be the case for every game (jeez, Skyrim was 385 parts long!), but I think the dragon age playthrough should provide the same kind of feeling and not just seem as a boring, frustrating game that takes up a whole month of your time. Couldn't you have finished all those games sooner and got to work on your new creative stuff? Or even bring back a retro replay for the holidays. I'm sure many people would have liked that. Sorry for the long post, but I really hope you take the time to read this. I think many people feel like this, especially you older fans.
  9. Hi Phil, hope everything is going well! Now that the website can direct us to any video you've ever uploaded, I've been going back to some of your older playthroughs and I noticed something. The first parts of your "classic" playthroughs have received tons of views; for instance, parts one of your AC II, Fallout: New Vegas and Mass Effect 2 playthroughs have gotten over 100.000 views each. Also, Heavy Rain reached an amazing half million views. On the other hand, other good games that have come out in recent years have deteriorated in views count: Beyond Two Souls only got 30.000, and great games like The Last of Us and Dishonored reached 60 and 46 thousand respectively. Why do you feel this drop has occurred?From what I see, your channel has more subscribers than ever and I don't think you were live streaming these games at the time. Do you think the quality of games coming out these late years has dropped? Or is it something about the way your approach them has caused the deterioration? I hope 2015 will be a fun and prosperous year for you and your content!
  10. Just pray for a Bethesda Game Studios announcement. Whether it is Fallout or Elder Scrolls, matters little. Hopefully they can deliver once more and continue their streak of like 3-4 GOTYS in a row!
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