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  1. Suggestion for a goal - Do an actual marathon lol 5k marathon
  2. You work "nonstop" playing video games and uploading the raw footage , vlogging and once in a blue moon you edit a video! Wow did you just really say you have a "full life" because you own a house and take care of someone? so just because someone does not own a house and chooses to take care of someone they don't have a "full life"? What you do for a living is doing a hobby that most people do for fun.
  3. 6 to 10 hrs is not really a marathon! The SoK just did a 24 hr marathon of freaking MEME RUN How about hotel tours as a goal lol
  4. ​Why are you whining so much? you always complain and try to take potshots at other youtubers because they dare edit their videos and talk about subjects outside of their comfort zone.
  5. Phil I am going to be as polite as I can but I wont hold anything back..you decided to move and buy a house knowing that your "business" is at a low point and you are having trouble getting any new fans so you reap what you sow Phil... you have to live within your means sure I would like to own a big house and drive a really nice car and have a the little things I think I deserve but the reality is if I cannot afford it in the long run then I am damn sure not going to live a lifestyle I cannot afford. Youtube is very unstable when it comes to making a full time living and you decided to take
  6. Its good that you read DasBoSchitt's post Phil! its about time you understand that he isn't a mentally ill "hater" but just because you praise his posts it does not automatically mean he will do co-op with you!
  7. "Haters" that word allows people to refer to critics and anyone that does not like someone as a "Hater" instead someone that gives criticism ..useless word
  8. Thoughts on Sons Of Kojima? you called one of our members Fred a "bully"
  9. Hello everyone my name is Che I am a member of the Sons Of Kojima and trust me folks..we aren't mentally ill :P I was obsessed with Boxing for a long time and at one point I wanted to be a professional boxer but over time I put my attention on other things like Gaming , Reading, Running and Computers. I love curvy woman with nice asses..do I get a little out of hand expressing my love for women sometimes.. yes but thats just the way I am.
  10. Che

    Thumbnail Fanart?

    ​You said you would like 1 thumbnail for each series so why don't you just make it? its only thumbnail per series
  11. Che

    Thumbnail Fanart?

    ​He is just saying that it is not as hard as Phil makes it out to be... Who shit in your cornflakes today?
  12. This forum does not deserve kyouko_kirigiri
  13. ​What is your beef then? he said he wanted to do charity but he decided not to because of what people would think of him and I called him out on making up excuses.
  14. ​I suggested something to him and he answered me and to me it sounded like an excuse.. he said he wanted to do it but the only reason he did not was because some people would twist it and say he was trying to save face and IMO charity is not about what people think of you its about you helping out.. he gave me that answer and I responded I did not come out of nowhere and bash him because he did not do a charity drive.
  15. ​You do not do charity because of what people will think of it you do it because you actually want to try and do something good and make a difference in the world! honestly this sounds like an excuse to not do a charity drive.
  16. People who do something negative in private instead of going to the person/people they have problems with and trying to settle things like adults instead of being a snake.
  17. ​Kind of . I first started PC gaming in 2004 at age 12 with classics like Morrowind And Knights Of The Old Republic..I recently got back in to PC gaming and have since then played many classics from 10 -20 years ago and I actually prefer them over modern games.
  18. Che

    The Last Meal

    Pussy...but if I cant get that then 20 Philly cheesteaks straight from the streets of Philadelphia
  19. Its all about the original fallout games!
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