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  1. Since Phil's schedule is going to go nuts in February and March with releases on the Switch and otherwise, I'll suggest a couple things that are fun and have some narrative content without being long and drawn out like an RPG. - Skullgirls (he'd want to get Second Encore, even if the base game is available for all the content): it's a polished fighting game that has some narrative stuff - Viscera Cleanup Detail: a really chill puzzle game (at its core), and even though this is on Steam, his PC should be able to both run it and stream it just fine at 1080p. - JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: All-Star Battle (or even Eyes of Heaven): the former is a more traditional controlling fighting game with narrative stuff, and the latter is an arena fighter with narrative stuff. Both are flashy and goofy, would make for fun streams, and make for a few exciting streams. All of these games require minimal long-term attention from Phil and provide for very fun, interactive streams for the viewers.
  2. ShoUCCMaster

    Suggestions for Fans in Stream Chat

    I just watched Phil's update regardig streaming, and in the video he mentioned one of the reasons for cutting back streaming being that people in stream chat distracts him from games with talk of other subjects and nasty comments. I want to urge all you guys to behave yourselves in stream chat moving forward because now I'm worried that he will soon stop streaming entirely, especially given how tight his money has been. I know I'm probably preaching to the choir here in the forums, but please don't veer too far off topic when you're in his streams. His streams are fun and I'd hate for him to not enjoy streaming to the point where he doesn't do it at all anymore.
  3. ShoUCCMaster

    Anime Fighter Suggestions

    I'll check those out! I feel like I've heard the name Melty Blood from somewhere, but only the name.
  4. ShoUCCMaster

    Anime Fighter Suggestions

    Hello all! I'm looking for some fighting games on the ridiculousness level of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. I've really gotten into playing Skullgirls and the Capcom JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game with my buddy back home. However, when I grabbed All Star Battle, I found the fanservice great but the gameplay and polish...lacking. I'm pretty new to fighting games that aren't Street Fighter so I'll ask if anyone could suggest a fighter for me.
  5. ShoUCCMaster

    Better Rewards for 1$ patreons

    To clarify, Discord is a web-based text (and voice, if you choose) chat service. It has both a desktop application and a browser-based one, and it's available on several platforms. You can spin up your own chat server on there, to which you can allow people to participate with a time-sensitive invite link. This could be handy, for example, if you're doing a Fan Appreciation event and want to have the patrons participating in the event to talk to you via voice chat without the risk of trolling, something I know you've had trouble with in the past. That of course is an example of a use case for Patreon rewards above $1, but you could still offer services for $1 patrons that allow them to enter specific text channels on your Discord server for something like suggestions, polls, etc. I'm just positing examples for use cases, but generally speaking it would be an easily accessible, easy to moderate chat system for multiple purposes. Both the application and browser-based clients are lightweight and in no way CPU intensive so it's easy for both you and your fans to run it in conjunction with your YouTube streams, and I feel it would make fan interaction on stream more organized and streamlined.
  6. ShoUCCMaster

    Better Rewards for 1$ patreons

    This right here. Not only is Discord a web application that his audience will have no issue running in conjunction with his YouTube livestreams, but this also gives him a cleaner chat system for viewer interaction that he and his mods could maintain on the fly, not to mention with a nicer looking UI than the IRC chat he currently uses for viewer interaction. Additionally, it's a service he can use either in conjunction with the IRC chat or to replace it, if he deems it necessary to scale back services on thekingofhate.com for whatever reason.
  7. ShoUCCMaster

    What Anime/Manga Are You Currently Watching/Reading?

    Right now, I'm watching/reading through JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The pacing in most parts is really great for me, and at the rate I'm blowing through Part 4, I'll probably start the manga in like a week. :D