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  1. I swear, but if Phil still cancels his playthrough and future Atlus playthroughs because of this, because he "can't risk his livelihood in the future to developers who are inept at their job," or something to that degree, I will be incredibly upset. Hopefully Phil can put this past him and just carry on as if it didnt happen, since it seems it was an honest mistake, as Phil hypothesized in his video. Please continue Persona 5 Phil! At least until 11/19. Or at least un-private the playlist lol.
  2. Upon release of Persona 5, Atlus U.S.A, the publishers behind the franchise, left this note with the public that has stirred up quite the controversy. It can be found here: http://atlus.com/note-persona-5-streaming/ There is not to be any footage of the game past 7/7 (in-game date) on the Internet, otherwise one runs the risk of copyright strikes, content ID claims, and a suspension on their channel. In my honest opinion, this is incredibly ludicrous, and Atlus is absolutely tarnishing their fantastic reputation by doing this. Their entire reasoning is that they "do not want those who have been waiting for this game to be spoiled," but that reasoning is equally as absurd. Persona 5 was issued a Mature rating by the ESRB, meaning that those who play the game are mostly going to be adults. Persona's fanbase is mainly adults, i.e people who can make decisions FOR THEMSELVES. If one wishes to not be spoiled on a game, they can simply not watch videos of the game. Atlus does not realize that many watch other people play games before they decide to buy it for themselves. For me, that person is DSP, and if I cannot watch him play this game, I will not end up buying it, full stop. What do you guys think of this? Restricting videos, channels & livelihoods like this is unheard of in this day and age, aside from the Content ID Nazis over at Nintendo.
  3. Ill post this again. Made this a couple months ago EDIT: Oh wait, somebody already reposted it for me. oops lol. [email protected] @Framework
  4. I haven't made a post on the forums in a while, as I've been absorbed in real life stuff. For instance, I'm currently studying abroad in Tokyo for the rest of the year, and enjoying myself a ton so far. I recently saw a billboard for Persona 5, and it got me thinking about Phil. Now, I understand the allure behind streaming Persona 5: Its a new release, and will most likely garner new subs and followers. However, what made the Persona 4 playthrough great, and what is currently making Danganronpa a great playthrough, is the fact that they were done with no stream interaction, and no "shout-outs" and whatnot intruding on the gameplay. I think I speak for a lot of OG DSP fans when I say that I enjoyed the old streaming style a bit more than the new one. However, you can't please everyone, and I understand that. JRPGs in general lend themselves very well to the hyper-focused gaming style Phil can have. Thoughts?
  5. I love the playthrough. Its just a shame its not a priority. I for one find it way more entertaining than anything else he's doing right now.
  6. the bundle of Danganronpa 1 and 2 comes out on March 14 2017 for ps4, so Phil is going to play that.
  7. Racism exists on different scales, and clearly, Phil mocking a black person in his videos is not on the same scale as a police officer shooting a black person for their skin color. That being said, Phil doesn't get his jokes are in poor taste, and, even though he may see nothing wrong with makes jokes targeted towards a group of people, he should probably just stop because it just isn't very funny and its clear how hard he's trying to be entertaining when he stoops to that level of humor.
  8. Threads like this... Why do they exist lmao. Guess people somehow still don't know that threads like this is what trolls feed off of.
  9. I know money makes the world go round lol. I meant he's not doing it SOLELY for the money. Theres a difference.
  10. Ghost pepper would be fucking hilarious. I think people would be more willing to pledge to his patreon if the goal was for him to torture himself by eating a ghost pepper instead of a "worst games ever" marathon.
  11. I agree, that sounds fun! I highly doubt it will actually happen tho :( Phil seems pretty inundated with work atm, and poorly cooking with the king came to be back when Phil wasn't as serious about his job as he is now.
  12. *cough* *cough* poorly cooking with the king *cough*
  13. People that juggle jobs arent a myth: they're real people lol. They exist, and juggling 2 jobs doesn't mean that your entire life is consumed by your work. Saying that they don't have time to follow DSP and that they wouldn't have a stance on this topic is a very close-minded statement.
  14. Advertising on someone else's site is generally frowned upon, but I can see that you have good intentions. Phil may not be able to see that tho lol
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