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  1. I asked you to show me where I stated that and you're not doing that. If you think I'm going to let you say something about me, something that I never stated at all, then you're mistaken. Either point out where I stated that, or just stop responding, simple as that. I know why you can't do it, because I never stated it. The video where he threw the WiiU in the trash? I never took that video seriously because it was way over the top and filled with rage. Nobody really seriously gets so mad at a company that they'll just trash their system. It's dumb, and a waste of money.
  2. Yeah it's kind of weird seeing Capcom of all companies have a DLC model like this after their past. This will be interesting to see, and I like the idea, but it depends on the actual in-game requirements to unlock stuff. If it's completely grinding and ridiculous, then I wouldn't be too happy about that personally.
  3. Not like it's really relevant to the discussion, but I've been gaming since 1989, starting with the NES, and I've been a follower of the gaming industry ever since that day. So yeah, I'd say I'm pretty well experienced on the gaming industry, and have been for quite a while now. However since you're bringing up peoples' expertise, you don't seem to be experienced much when it comes to basic reading. Please point out in my post where I stated that multiplayer wasn't available on consoles until the mid 2000s. Never stated that, so I have no clue what thin air you pulled that out of. I can see wh
  4. Well that is what that person said. 'I want single player experiences,' implying that Multiplayer isn't necessary, because it's something they don't want. Actually saying that something shouldn't be implemented in a console just because they don't like it is not only childish, but selfish as well. I don't like the invasion mechanic in the Souls games, but I'm not calling for it to be removed in upcoming games, just because I don't like it. I understand that there are people that do like that. Not wanting people to have a choice is also childish and selfish. What is the benefit of Nintendo not
  5. So a console shouldn't have a certain feature just because you don't like it? No console should just cater to one mindset, it should cater to everyone. What is wrong with having choices? If you don't like multiplayer, that's fine, but there are people that do. That's why games that have both single player and multiplayer please both audiences. If you don't want your kid around that kind of community, that's fine. That's why other consoles invented stuff like the mute button, and the block button. However, none of that is being forced upon you, so why take it away from the people that do like p
  6. .............We might be screwed lol........But in all seriousness, this is really cool to see.
  7. Well considering that most other companies out there would charge for the free stuff that CD Projekt Red has given away, then yeah, I would say that makes them look pretty good.
  8. No it's not, the Xbox brand is separate from PC. The only time Microsoft ever had a brand related to gaming on PC was called 'Games For Windows,' and that was also separate from Xbox. If an Xbox One game is also available on PC, it's no longer exclusive to the Xbox One, because I can buy the game on PC. I don't need to have anything Xbox related to play said game. Even if the game is developed by a studio that Microsoft owns, you still don't need to have an Xbox membership or anything related to Xbox to play said game. It's a simple fact that you can't seem to get. Saying you don't like a gam
  9. Okay I'm not sure what the picture is supposed to mean. Even so, even if that person is incorrect, how does that discredit the entire company and all of the good things they've done for gamers? It doesn't. Where did they say they wanted to be the 'next Bethesda?' I've never heard them say that, but their actions speak otherwise. Last time I checked, Bethesda doesn't constantly give out free content and weekly updates to their games.
  10. It might be, not sure, but they did do a physical release for it on the Wii. It also came with a Super Mario history booklet which was pretty cool. Gave you some really cool insight on the history of Mario.
  11. Yes the detractors definitely are doing just that, no question, however Phil is still wrong here, for accusing Joe of being 'paid off' for a review. Anyone who has watched Joe for any length of time would know that Joe would do nothing like that. He's constantly railed against the major companies out there, the ones that would try to pay off people. Also, to accuse CD Projekt Red of all developers out there to throw money around to get good review scores is completely nuts. CD Projekt Red is one of the most honest developers that are out there right now. They've constantly given away free cont
  12. - Mario Kart Wii - Zelda Twilight Princess - Zelda Skyward Sword (only if you're a hardcore Zelda fan) - Super Mario All-Stars (if you can find it, might be hard to find) - Donkey Kong Country Returns - New Super Mario Bros Wii - Super Mario Galaxy 1 + 2 That's all I can of for now
  13. Here is your quote, once again: Also you do realize that Xbox is a PC thing too right? Just because its not exclusive to the One doesnt mean its not exclusive to Xbox. 'Xbox is a PC thing' No it's not, Xbox is a gaming console, and a PC is not. This was in response to me saying that Xbox One games that are on PC are no longer exclusive to Xbox One, so yeah, you did say that. All you said was that PS4 will 'eventually get better games later on', which is funny because before that, you stated that you don't judge a game unless you look into it yourself, so you're going against your own process
  14. Hmm I thought you were done. Guess you couldn't help yourself. Trust me, I'm not surprised at all. Of course there are games that are published by Microsoft that are on PC. However, you stated that ALL games that are on the Xbox One, but also are on PC, are still considered exclusive to Xbox. Once again, that is false. Not lying, just using your own quotes. Here it is: Also you do realize that Xbox is a PC thing too right? Just because its not exclusive to the One doesnt mean its not exclusive to Xbox. Trust me, an Xbox is NOT the same thing as a PC. Actually I said that 'I'm smarter than you
  15. The reasoning for Joes' score of Arkham Knight was because he played the PC version, and the PC version had a ton of issues that ended up hindering his experience. I enjoy both of yours' guys reviews. I watch reviews to listen to people talk about the game, and both you and Joe do a good job actually going in depth with the games.
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