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  1. ​I knew it was KG because he go a week ban & couldn't be here to save his Lord & Savior, Phil. He's just a manchild like phil that can't stop whining if something doesn't go his way. KG on twitter & forums always has started trouble with anyone that mentions negative things or about the SoK.
  2. ​Cool, whats your PSN so i can add you. It'll be awhile for me to get the game but when i do we could play together. Mine is DarkPrince316 so one of us can send a friend request.
  3. ​Cool which platform are you choosing it for? maybe we can play if you happen to get it on PS4
  4. What's up everyone, how is your day going? well i just read acouple articles stating that Elder Scrolls Online is getting rid of the monthly subscription so i wanted to know if this will convince those that were against the practice will give it a chance. I might give it a chance but i hope it doesn't end like Destiny behind a pay wall of DLC just to get more content. What are your thoughts on this & will you be getting the game? If i would get it, i would get it for PS4 because that's my primary console choice as of now. Cheers :)
  5. I haven't got past the beginning part of REmake(Gamecube) but i have interest on buying this on PS4...hoping i can at least get past the beginning. But staying on topic, i haven't really watched the playthrough but i have seen some segments of the streams. If i would be honest i know what would happen so i'll leave it as it is.
  6. Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, GhostBusters 2, Spider-Man 3, X-men 3 & Terminator Salavation are only afew that come to mind that i personally think are the worse sequels ever made.
  7. Hi, I'm SirDiesAlot & i used to be a fan of Phil's from prolly around 2009-2012 but i only came to the forums because of the community that got built around it. I got part of the community since half of the 2nd Forums until they got shut down. I would say i been gaming since 1996-97(born 1994). I started many different youtube channels but now im sticking with 3(maybe 2 if i decide something that could change how i do things). Other than all that, im basically the same as any other gamer just here to talk games & play games. Wanted to add one more thing, I have a game idea in the making & hope to one day make it come true. Also don't forget "If I go Down, I'm Bringing you with ME!" - my Slogan for my youtube channel. Cheers :)
  8. Besides playing Dark Souls, i would say Crash Bandicoot 1(doing 100% without dying is freaking HARD), MediEvil(never beaten it), when i was young i would have said Spyro 1(PS1) but i finally beaten & got 100% in all 3 games within the last 2-3 years, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Bros. 1-3(never beaten any of the original mario games), ICO(have yet to beat it even with the HD Collection)...Those are only games i remember giving me a very hard time growing up & as an adult(I'm sure there are alot of older games that gave me alot of problems but can't remember). nowadays, games are WAY to easy.
  9. Well from what i remember i got the following on these dates: NES: Before i was born Sega Genesis: Before i was born, i didn't own one for long but i did own one after i was born but didn't last long. SNES: probably around 1995-97 N64: On my birthday, March 15th 1998 PS1: same as the N64 but 2000 Nintendo Gamecube: Birthday, 2002 PS2: Birthday, got the slim version, 2005 or 2006 i forget Xbox 360: Christmas, 2006 Nintendo Wii: Parents bought one, 2010 PS3: Christmas, got the slim version, 2011 PS4: Early Christmas Gift but late Graduation gift, 12/23/2014 I owned quite a few handhelds but i don't remember the dates. Here are some of them: PSP, Nintendo DS, DSi, DS Lite, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Color
  10. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS3 & PS4), Mortal Kombat X (PS4), Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4), Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4), BloodBorne (PS4), The Division (PS4), Deep Down (PS4), Mighty No. 9 (PS4), Assassin's Creed: Victory (PS4), Final Fantasy XV (PS4), Kingdom Hearts III (PS4) & Silent Hills (PS4)
  11. ​Thanks for the advice i'll try to keep it in mind. :)
  12. After getting permission from the moderators, I present one of probably many videos regarding this topic. I hope you enjoyed it & please don't hesitate to leave your reasons on this thread & also leave some feedback on how i should approach the next video if there would be one. Thanks for Watching & Enjoy :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtYRpQqgIBc
  13. Well i will say what used to make me watch his content. I'm no longer a fan but here's some aspects that i thought was positive when i was: - He was that one guy to give live reactions to playing games - His humor(at the time i was still a fan) was funny & i enjoy everything. - He always uploaded alot of videos, prolly faster than most LPer's. - Everytime i had something wrong happening in my life, his content gave me a smile.
  14. - Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier - Call of Duty(All the games but Black Ops & Modern Warfare 1) - Halo series - Killzone series
  15. ​Well its a guaranteed thing that he'll play Jak 3 but when is the question. Jak 2 was one of his most talked let's plays of 2014 because he raged alot & he kept on dissing the fans of the series. After seeing both playthroughs, im going to dred his Jak 3 playthrough.
  16. ​People are talking about Improvements Phil could make not criticizing him. Suggesting things like reducing the sexual, racial, etc jokes to a minimum would be a plus, Taking time to learn the game instead of always blaming the game/developers for his faults, making 20-30 minute videos can bring in a newer audience because there are people that only watch long gameplay videos, editing his playthroughs to where for example: He's playing DA: I right now, so with all the backtracking & long travelling in the game he could edit all that out & leave some parts in to make the video entertaining...There are tons of examples that people have shown here. By the Way, he only got popular because he was at the right place, at the right time. I understand each person is different but he has been the same for a long time in terms of how he does commentary & gameplay besides the switch from camcorder to game capture.
  17. I've been playing this game on PS4 for sometime & yet to complete it...it's a puzzle game but i would like to see Phil play it...The game is called "The Swapper". Its very creative & the trophies are based on VERY hard collectibles. It is a thinking game but i think He would enjoy it...I'd like to compare it to Limbo with the creativity in storytelling & gameplay.
  18. Question: For the re-imagination of Project 7, Would you consider adding some fans to the mix by let's say voice acting as a certain character? I think that would def add more variety to the series & could bring the community between you & your fans more together.
  19. ​That's very interesting...i don't own a xbox anymore but that's kinda cool of MS to do this for content creators.
  20. ​I like yours & Kyoko_Kirigirl's suggestions. spread this thread around if you want, im hoping to get more before something happens. Thanks for responding & let's hope the video will convince phil to talk to the SoK in the future either on their terms or his.
  21. I love his videos. I liked Future of Machinima, Ep. 2 & now Ep. 3. He's very good at what he does but he knows what he is doing with this series.
  22. ​He did say it was fan service but he also said it was a test to see anyone is interested in him live streaming...well that's a very long test for being almost 2 years of live streaming on Twitch. The way he live streams isn't fan service its service for himself.
  23. ​Very good points made by your post & i agree alot of what you said. The SoK isn't the only reason he's down the drain but they are a big part now...Things he say are mostly the reasons for his decline of subs/views. Him going to social media wasn't a problem until he started talking without reason & had nothing to back him up with. I still don't understand why he blocks anyone trying to give criticism, which i understand can sometimes be taken out of context but still its criticism. I have talked alot with the SoK & i know what their main objective is & that's to help/improve Phil but if Phil does something stupid, they respond in a way of their taste. I used to be a fan until i just had enough & stopped watching his content then after a year i basically became part of the "detractors" because he would not listen to anything i could suggest. If he talks to the SoK, the least that can come out of it is he was willing to give his "detractors" a chance to express themselves in an environment other than text. I know the SoK has offered Phil plenty of chances & they still offer it to come on their Podcast & just talk. Some may say bringing up his past is stupid but if you really think about it, he has always said one thing but does the opposite such as "I'm no longer bringing up the drama because it'll give them credit" but on "Hate Live! Podcast Ep. 21: Dec. 11, 2014" he brings up the drama yet again. I think if the fans speak about things enough & also have evidence to show how he has changed. The idea of having a dedicated series on him & fans discussing things would be cool but you'll prolly only get the same people that called in on hate live to talk positive things instead of bringing some changes/suggestions he could make. We can only hope to see what happens in the future. I can't predict it unless i was Marty & went far into the future then come back to change things, actually that would be cool to do but anyways sorry for the detrack...Back to the Future brings back memories of when life was an better place. ​Well i suggested at least 5 reasons but if you can bring up more then so be it. Since you think this way im sure its going to be hard to convince that there are many reasons on phil's behalf that he can get an win-win situation unless otherwise. I understand before the KWO & SoK groups formed it was because they got bored with phil or maybe the same jokes told couldn't keep interest but after KWO & SoK became apart of the community, things have changed to the point of how do you respond to phil without him flipping out & calling you names for reasons still unknown. KWO did what the SoK are doing right now, until they(KWO) changed. The SoK is a better group for phil to talk to because talking to just fans won't get anywhere. If you want to improve then you'll going to have to reach that part inside & ask for some help from....the dark side(SoK/ any detractors). I know the dark side can be very, very...Dark(Sorry i had to do it). The SoK's main objective is to improve & help phil but if phil doesn't want that help then ok i understand but look at him now still in a drain of low views & can't get out. The SoK has thrown the rope down many times but Phil has just brushed it off. Everything the SoK says is what his fans say & what previous fans say. It's ok but for this topic i wouldn't recommend it because im trying to keep things in a straight line. I want phil to see there are many reasons why he should talk to the SoK either through this thread or the video i will eventually make if im given enough material. On the other hand, Thanks for your response.
  24. Alright so you might have read the title & thought "oh great a hater wants to shit talk phil" well this time around im actually going to need everyone's help. I would like to have a list of reasons why Phil should talk to the SoK & show how he can get a Win-Win out of this no matter what unless otherwise...Now i know this might be tough topic for phil & mods but mostly Phil but i really want to show Phil that talking to his detractors & listen to what they have to say verbally not text or through internet that it can help you in the long run. Many of times they have experienced how you could change & maybe just maybe bring them back as a viewer/maybe fan...but it's all on you Phil. So i ask everyone including the SoK on here to please list at least 5 reasons per person unless you have more to show Phil why it can be a good thing. It's a topic everyone talks about all the time & i think this year 2015 is the year to change everything. Thanks & hope this thread stays open for awhile Regards, SirDiesAlot
  25. ​Thanks. well spread the word about my idea & anyother ideas that sound good...Let's improve phil & make 2015, hopefully, a better year where the detractors & phil can get along.
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