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  1. ​It will be uploaded to youtube tomorrow. :)
  2. ​You're quite wrong about that actually. Maybe you take a look at DoctorOfFIzz's twitter sometime where he shows that those accounts of the forums are actually his. Because accusing Fred of doing it is only gonna keep making you look dumber, not like that really stopped you before though.
  3. Just to clear things up Che responded to Aggy to explain his posts on twitter about her:
  4. The fact this guy tweeted at me with his video when I have nothing to do with it still baffles me.
  5. ​It's funny how you get blamed instantly huh? These alts are getting pretty ridiculous though.
  6. The one thing I don't get it, I wake up in the morning and see he tweeted at me this when I have nothing to do with this whole thing nor I have any clue who Aggy is: https://twitter.com/honorandtruth1/status/579304385307488257 This kind of came out of nowhere and makes literately no sense.
  7. ​LOL should of looked at the names closely then.
  8. ​To an extent I agree, but I think people are willing to share who they enjoy that AREN'T detractor videos. Besides you'd think the mods would know better, thankfully they have acknowledged that in the new thread.
  9. ​The shirts value to an extent shouldn't mean anything, if you were to give back to people that give you 100$ it should be worth way more than that, because a shoutout and choosing a topic picked by the person that donated in your next video does is not worth it. I doubt that a person with 100$ that watches your videos wants any of this. Nothing in your perk is valuable and worth having..
  10. ​2 of the things I stated are part of the perk. I still don't think any of those things that are part of the perk fill out the perk enough. Just saying.
  11. I don't know anyone on Patreon that will give out a T-shirt and a shoutout for 100$, that doesn't seem to benefit much at all. Maybe if you had something more creative and better to fill out that perk then maybe people wouldn't be "whining" and "complaining".
  12. ​Seriously? It's a damn forum, people should be allowed to link and share whatever the hell they want. It's not hurting anyone.
  13. Moogle

    R.I.P. Che

    Hmm it seems i'm the only one left now. :/
  14. >Implying that nobody is allowed to have an opinion and can't post things publicly.
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