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  1. Well I think this afternoon proved that this forum has very little free speech.
  2. ​Exactly! Phil is going to police these forums to make sure nothing is said that can possibly be construed as negative towards him. Even if it isn't said in an offensive way. That was exactly what happened with his original forums and sparked both the community and the mods to fight back against him.
  3. I don't think this forum has free speech at all. It tries to, but people are too damn scared to say what they want out of fear of being banned.
  4. ​Mountain Dew better than all!!!
  5. ​Have you watched that video of mine? Seems like you haven't because that video has absolutely nothing hateful in it. It is a simple video pointing out that Phil was raging at a game because he simply forgot he already did something in Bioshock Infinite. Anyone who finds that to be hateful needs to find a sense of humor as it is cracking a joke about someone in a non insulting way. Like Che said, it is borderline a parody of him. Nobody is above being parodied. People point out things like that about me all the time and I learn to live with it and even laugh at it once in a while. Phil needs t
  6. ​Only $5,478 more and I'll shave my head.
  7. ​There is an actual store named "Harris Teeter"?!?!?!
  8. ​In my opinion it's 90% legitimate criticism and 10% bullshit. To treat that 90% as hate or trolling is pretty bad.
  9. ​Completely agree. Yes, people have trolled Phil in the past. Not that often, but it has happened. But even when he gets legitimate criticism, he classifies it as hate or trolling.
  10. ​There is a clear difference between "trolling" and "criticism". What it seems like you're saying is that if people give criticism and if the person getting it doesn't agree with it, it's trolling. Doesn't work that way. Criticism is criticism and trolling is trolling.
  11. ​Thing is, certain people don't see a difference.
  12. We have our own thread...not too shabby. Now I'm just wondering how long before this gets blocked.
  13. ​Understandable. But I don't think you'll have any problems from us.
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