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  1. ​doing good so far gunblazer, how bout yourself
  2. ​But I thought you were okay with other people disagreeing with you.
  3. I don't see that happening anytime soon. He's already has unhealthy addictions to 2K mobile games and He's not going to want to talk about that with anyone except with people on the 2k forums. Anyone who trys question him about supercard , he'll most likely bring up the "being stalked" excuse.
  4. ​I thought you weren't a fan of his. You're going awfully into descriptive detail to everyone of who "The real phil is" in your own words..
  5. ​The problem is nobody here has broken any rules. The mods were okay with it when it was first brought up because nothing serious was happening. Only you in this entire thread wants it closed.
  6. Well it was already an Ad hominem to begin with so you meant it regardless. I think my claim remains valid as it is, you can stop derailing the thread now before it gets closed.
  7. ​Because he doesn't care nor notice. Nobodys breaking any rules here. DSP only appears in certain threads that start blowing up and don't get taken care of.
  8. ​That already sounds like another trainwreck if it were to happen. Making a video of yourself and hiding behind a sock just to make attacks aganist another account and claim victory for yourself will do nothing but stir up more drama and sometimes even cause controversy, especially if its a large group of individuals who have to deal with it.
  9. ​I think it'd be great if the roster does get more recognition. It would answer alot of peoples questions as to whom is actually in the SOK. I rather have that than have it turn into another Guess Who game.
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