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  1. Super Meat Boy. (I think you already have the game as I remember you playing it for a while years ago) The Witness. It’s a puzzle game inspired by Myst.(It’s on PS4 & Xbox One)
  2. (1) Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection: Uncharted 1 or 2. (2) Batman Arkham City. (3) God Of War 2. (4) The Last Of Us. (5) GTA 5. (6) Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition.
  3. 1. The Last Of Us Remastered. Part 49(A funny moment & the start of monster gauntlet) 2. The Last Of Us Remastered. part 50(Monster gauntlet continued) 3. Hatsune Miku VR future live demo(From PSVR launch coverage)(DSP gets his groove on)
  4. Dark Souls II Part 177 (Debut of Dick Lightning) Start at the 8 minute mark.
  5. (1) God Of War 3 HD Part 36. Aphrodite & Kratos sex scene with some well placed pictures. (darksydephil channel) (2) PS4 Launch Unboxing/Setup/Walkthrough. & Xbox One Launch Unboxing/Setup/Initial Testing. Talk about how the consoles have changed for the better or worse since Launch & maybe talk about what improvements you would like to see in the next gen consoles other then the obvious of better graphics/frame rate.
  6. Hi Phil. As a long time fan of WWE like yourself Phil I grow more & more frustrated at the current dull, boring & predictable product that WWE are putting out on a weekly basis. I'm sure I'm not alone as a wrestling fan when I say I feel I could do a far better job then the idiots that work behind the scenes in the company. So my question is if you were in total control of everything in WWE what would you do with?... (1) Creative/Storylines. (2) Booking. (3) Talent as in who would you Push or De-push/Who would you get rid of & or bring up from NXT. (4) TV presentation such as Lengt
  7. Hi Phil I am learning to drive & I was wondering if you have any tips or advice about learning to drive or driving in general & maybe you can talk about your story of when you learned how to drive. FYI I live in Europe & we drive on the opposite side of the road to the United States & I'll be driving a manual car but any help or advice would be great. Thanks Phil.
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