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  1. Yeah it's pretty dissapointing that a great movie like that will bomb but the new ice age movie is raking it in *sigh*. Saw it at the theater and buying it on blu ray as well gotta show my support for it.
  2. #batsex...I mean really? The way they portray Barbara was just terrible in that first 30 mins. Once the actual killing joke begins I though it was a really good adaptation of the graphic novel. Fast forward through the first 30 mins you'll literally miss noting, it's just filler.
  3. He didn't actually say that did he? I can't even put into words how off base that logic is.
  4. A simple solution to make the forums far more enjoyable. Set Sammy, Hardcore, Bailey, and Ash on ignore. You can't reason with them, all they do is come in, accuse people of being negative (when there's actually a lot of well thought out and intelligent discussions going on) and try to derail the thread to get it locked. Anyways... When you search the worst game I've ever played the Homefront review is on the first page in the top 3 videos. That along with the click-bait title and good timing have helped the video a great deal. I will also point people in the direction of @Hazz3r's well t
  5. Playing DOOM right now and loving it. It really does feel like an old school FPS. I had the same feeling when I played Serious Sam 3 when that came out. It's just simple dumb fun and I love it for doing that no BS shoveled in for no reason so far.
  6. Apparently asking questions is an attack according to hardcore *facepalm* I went with 72,000 going by his current output.
  7. Yeah the sword you're using right now is not very good and since it's already infused it needs twinkling titanite to upgrade which isn't very common. Ditch that sword and go farm for a dark sword or hell just buy something with an A scaling in whichever stat you've been focusing on (STR/DEX) and upgrade it to +9 right away. It will do way more damage then your current weapon.
  8. They have the proper patched version of the game, Phil does not. It's all explained in the thread if you would even bother to read it and Phil brought it up in the pre stream as well. Back on topic, I'm not sure why he didn't attempt fighting that tree looking boss it was right there.
  9. Great idea lets alienate new fans trying to get into the forums by restricting what they can do. If they want to partake in a thread or start a new thread why should they be restricted. If they have something to contribute why should they be immediately censored.
  10. 6/10 It's fine, don't have anything good or bad to say about it haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8X9_MgEdCg
  11. Yeah of course he meant 2016 he made a mistake. I don't know how pointing that out changes anything being discussed in the thread.
  12. This is just embarrassing. You make a harmless joke about something Phil mistakenly labeled wrong, get kicked, and called a dumb fuck. Kicking someone for a harmless joke and calling them a dumb fuck is the epitome of maturity, I have to admit.
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