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  1. I posted the last one in the wrong forum. If you check at the bottom, I asked for that one to be deleted but you replied to it. Regarding your comment on the other post, I'm not saying he has to dye his hair blue and be fake. But what he's doing now obviously isn't working. He's not the big shot on Youtube anymore, he's a SMALL twitch streamer. Whatever Ninja chooses to do, works for him, just look at his views and the money he makes (again pointing out, I don't and have never watched him. But it's not hard to know who he is). What Phil does, doesn't work. If it did, he wouldn't be always complaining about money/views etc. He wouldn't be in the financial position he's in with taxes, debts etc if he was successful. Like I said, this isn't 2010, he isn't as big as he used to be. He needs to change things up or risk falling even further down the order. Going by views/popularity/money, what he's doing isn't working. And no disrespect but it's people like you, the "yes" men who agree with everything he does and falsely claims that things are great. That doesn't help him grow . that doesn't make him change and that will make him become even more irrelevant because of it. Todays pre stream was 1hour 20mins btw. 1 hour 20mins of nonsense, things that were covered yesterday. Which is beyond wrong.
  2. I totally agree with the pre stream stuff. Phil is not a big enough streamer to be rambling on for 45+mins and keep people interested. He tweets out what he's playing that specific week, he does a week in preview video too. There is no reason to talk about it for 25+mins everyday. He could easily do his plugs/shoutouts in 10mins after the music stuff stops and get on with what people have come for, actual gameplay. Not stories, not fan made overlays with music, not dragging out an answer to one tip for 15mins. People who tend to do long pre stream stuff, generally have a lot of viewers, 5000+. Phil doesn't, if a new viewer pops in and decideds to stick around for a bit to watch gameplay, only to be waiting 30mins for the game, then they'll leave and wont come back. There is no reason why his prestreams should last longer than 20mins and even that is pushing it too long.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if Phil will see this but I'll post my suggestions anyways 1) Patreon Goal: NES/SNES Mini Classic. When the goal is reached, Phil will get a Nes and Snes mini classic. And then he can poll which games to play from the system. Retro games are super popular and since Phil is an old school gamer, I think it would bring a lot of interest. Granted the games may be demonetized but subs/tips/cheers will make up for it. Plenty of choices for downtime, most only take a few hours if that to complete (not counting the rpgs/zelda games), there is over 50+ games to choose from and it would be a change from the usual (and sorry, no disrespect, usual throwback redemption runs for the 17th time) We've seen you do GTA/Dark Souls/Red Dead. It' doesn't matter or bring anything new just because the setup has changed or you can talk to chat. You've still already played them to death. You could even do other goals for other retro mini consoles. The possibilities are endless, and for the price of them, you will get at least 20+ game playthroughs out of each machine. 2) Patreon Goal: Giveaway. I was watching your last H1Z1 gameplay videos, and you mentioned the hardcore gaming giveaway you used to do. Also in the session you mentioned your nook is full of statues and video game stuff. Make a tier that whoever enters, will be entered into a giveaway for that months item. Since you cant sell them on Ebay because of phony bids, this is a perfect way to raise funds and also clean out your nook. Anyways, those are my ideas. Have a good day (:
  4. I just sent him a msg on here. Hopefully he reads it. If not, I'll try another way. Thankyou for the help
  5. Hi, sorry not sure where to put this. I backed the Friday the 13th game on Kickstarter when it launched. And the BETA starts on the 18th. ( Only allowed to stream from the 20th tho the FandF BETA isn't allowed to be streamed only the pre order Beta) I was just wondering since I'll be getting 3 spare Beta access keys from my kickstarter backing if Phil would be interested in having one to maybe stream the BETA? Not sure how to get in contact with him to ask him so I thought I would start this in the hopes he'd see it or someone would let him know. Thankyou (:
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