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  1. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 74 - January 24, 2019

    Sup Phil! Thanks for answering questions from the Thanksgiving Special. I've got a question for you to answer and it was also my birthday 17th 12 days ago. 1) What do you think of Holiday-typed matches and the Raw Roulette in WWE? (Honestly, I find them fun and super silly because it's no Disqualification, I also loved the Miracle on 34th Street Fight, Trick or Treat Street Fight, Broadway Brawl, Hamptons Hardcore Match, the Dublin Street Fight, and the Thanksgiving Feast Fight between ''The New Day'' vs ''The Bar & Big Show in November I found the ending quite funny but I was saying Not to Cesaro!)
  2. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 73: Nov. 22, 2018 Thanksgiving Special!

    Sup Phil! I have 2 interesting questions for you to answer: 1. What do you think of current day WWE product? (Honestly, I find SmackDown LIVE way better than RAW probably because it's a 2 hours show, I also love Mixed Match Challenge and the Mae Young Classic, and also NXT, RAW not so much.) 2. Phil, What is your favourite Horror Movie? I really enjoyed Coraline and Monster House those are my favourites and I just watched ''Insidious: The Last Key'' at school last month in October.
  3. Derichloveslemur

    UPDATE: Ask the King Ep. 71 - NOW July 26, 2018

    Hey Phil, It’s Derich Congratulations in your First EVER Sponsored Stream! I also have a movie question, This movie I loved watching so much: - Have you ever watched the 1985 Film titled “The Breakfast Club” It’s about Five Highschool students enduring a Saturday detention at school. My Follow-Up Question: - When you were a kid in school did the teacher give you a lot of detentions for not completing the work? If Yes, Do you remember what did the teacher would make you do during detentions? Do Homework? Read Books? Listen to music? Sketch and Draw in your notebook? Fall fast asleep and doze off?
  4. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 68 - December 21, 2017

    Hey Phil I Have An Interesting Video Gaming Question For You To Answer Phil Are You going to be playing Yakuza Kiwami 2? I Believe it released December 7th, 2017. Cause you played Yakuza Kiwami, or Is it because you haven't finished Yakuza Kiwami because you put that game on hold I believe. Happy Holidays Too From me - Derich
  5. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 68 - December 21, 2017

    I didn't start getting a mustache until I hit Puberty.
  6. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 68 - December 21, 2017

    Phil I Have Some Questions For You. 1. Hey Phil, Did You Play Any of The Madden Games Back in the 1990s? I Believe Madden Games were even out in the 80s And 90s as well. 2. Phil, Do You still remember the Montreal Screwjob In WWF? 3. Do You Know The Shows: The Amazing Race, Survivor, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Family Feud Phil? They Are My Favorite Game Shows And I Was Wondering Have You watched them? 4. Hey Phil, Lately I have been suffering Depression at school, I don't really know how to overcome it, Can You tell me things that I can overcome depression?
  7. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 67 - October 26, 2017

    Hey Phil Here Are Some Questions For Ask The King 1. On Twitch I Have The Option To Watch Ads For Bits But When I Go To Watch Ads It Keeps on Saying Try Again Later Is It Because The Twitch Beta Is Still Running? 2. Phil, What Are You Thoughts on TLC 2017? What Things Did You Like And Were There Things You Hated? 3. If You Could Name A Hall of Famer To Be The RAW General Manager Who Would It Be? Besides Kurt Angle. 4. Phil, Can You Name Some of Your Favorite 90s Songs? Please Name A Ton, Because I Want A Variety of Songs For My 1990s Spotify Playlist. 5. What Do You Think of WWE2K18 MyCareer Mode So Far? I Like That You Can Interact, Talk, And Brawl With Superstars Backstage And What Do You Think of The Entrances too? I Love Cesaro's. Thanks for Answering - Derich
  8. Derichloveslemur

    Ask the King Ep. 66 - August 24, 2017

    Questions For The Awesome King DarksydePhil To Answer. 1. Phil, Who Is Your Favorite 80s Action Star/Hero? 2. Phil, What Is Your Favorite Game Show on TV? I'd Go Family Feud, Steve Harvey Is Hilarious. 3. Phil, What WWE Superstar Would You Want To Turn Heel Outta Nowhere And Shockingly Shock Everyone? Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, John Cena, Rhyno, Roderick Strong, or Kassius Ohno? 4. Phil, I Was Wondering Do You Know The FBE/Fine Brothers Entertainment? And Would You Be On YouTubers React? I Would Love To See You Be In A Episode of FBE.
  9. Derichloveslemur

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Here's 2 Fanarts I Made For Today/Monday July 31st, 2017 Indies Marathon Phil! Hope You Like Them :D Can't Wait To See Them Today!
  10. Derichloveslemur

    Fanart for Indies Marathon July 31st, 2017

    Here's another Fanart for today's Indies Marathon for July 31st 2017 Phil! Can't wait :) Hopefully Terraria First.
  11. Derichloveslemur

    Fanart for Indies Marathon July 31st, 2017

    Here's The Fanart for the Indies Marathon Today Phil
  12. Phil here's my fan art for today's Doomfist Overwatch Stream
  13. Derichloveslemur

    Audio contributions for prestreams?

    Hey Phil it's Derich this Fanart is For Today's Doomfist Overwatch Stream.