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  1. Hi Phil, Thank you for allowing my question to get featured on Ask the King the topic i have for you today is one that is very personal to me i only talk to with a handful of other people in my life and please excuse me if this long i just have a lot to get off my mind. I am 20 years old i currently live with my parents as of now i am also working part-time thinking about going back to school sometime in the near future but to more pressing matters at hand. Ever since i was a kid growing up my parents never liked me even now they still don't and i have done many things recently to try and please them but it seems they will never be satisfied no matter what i do. I feel like the black sheep of the family the one that gets all the blame for everything and abuse and of course lets not forget about the golden child the one that always has it better in terms of special treatment and that is my older sister. Growing up i had an older sister one with whom i never got along with we always fought and when we did my mom and my dad would always side with her even at times when she was very much abusive towards me whether it would be her trying to antagonize me or physically trying to hurt me they always came to her defense. This went on for many years and for a long time i felt like miserable, That is until i met an old childhood friend from my past who i just happened to run into back in junior high during one of my classes. Much to my great delight he was also the ideal friend i was looking for for he also went through the same thing as i did all his life. We immediately formed an alliance a common interest among ourselves our own little cliche or circle, over the years we spent together as friends we both grew to understand each others pain and even enduring many hardships i started to feel as if things were going to change for the better. But as of now due to circumstances that took place over the past year while we were both working part-time i felt our friendship start to deteriorate to become almost like somewhat of a rivalry thus nothing was the same like how it used to be and that's when i realized things had changed for the worst. I started to see him drift away he wouldn't talk to me anymore and basically became the next golden child and i was stuck as the black sheep once again as usual and this time i actually feel guilty because i feel like its all my fault somehow for how things turned out. Because the person who i looked up to and the one who always stood by my side is now against me and it hurts.. what should i do Phil? ~Thanks For Listening~
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