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  1. This Is For The Awesome Dark Souls Streams. You make me very happy!
  2. This Fanart is For The Awesome Dark Souls Streams. DSP is awesome.
  3. This Is Also For Pokémon Moon Today. Happy New Year! It is officially 2017!
  4. Here's FanArt For Today's Entire Stream Of Overwatch With Your Awesome Patrons.
  5. Hey Phil. This is for the Pokémon Stream on Friday if it wins the poll Thursday overnight and for future awesome Pokémon Moon streams I didn't see that many Pokémon FanArts so I decided to make one. The only one I saw was Popsicolo's.
  6. Hey Phil, I have 3 questions for you to answer. - When you were a teenager or a Kid did you have a famous person you would live up to as your hero? - What is your favourite Ice cream flavour? - What was your favourite subjects in elementary school and high school? Thank you for answering my questions Phil. - Derich <3
  7. For Today's Stream And The Many Upcoming Patron Streams.
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