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  1. I specifically made this account to comment in this thread. Im not really a forum go'er so excuse me if my forum etiquette is bad or I break some mundane rule. I think Phil needs to finish all the games he's put on the back-burner before opening up another game for another playthrough, if not, try something completely new. Ever since Persona 3 there's been this stigma around him that he doesn't finish the games he play. Pokemon Moon should be top focus in January, tie up some loose ends like Scarface or one of the dozen or so games he's quit in 2016. He could try a MOBA, I mean, I think alot of the internet would love to see him fumble through the process of learning and playing League of Legends, but with Phil's "Blast Through The Game" playstyle and lack of will to learn a game like that with a moderate to steep learning curve would be impossible for him to grasp. Other than that, all the games mention above like MGS 1, Max Payne, or Sonic Adventure. All TIHYDP fodder. Maybe the same 300 people will continuously watch the stream and a 1000 or so people will follow the ondemand video series to completion on Youtube, but everyone else is just going to wait for the TIHYDP condensed version that someone usually makes and releases the next day. I wouldn't recommend anything thats just going to draw more people away from Phil's original content. TLDR; Play something different like League of Legends or a strategy game or tie up lose ends. If neither. Don't expect big views from same content and commentary with a game you've played years ago already.
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