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  1. ​Is this statement directed at Phil and detractors or are you being a fanboy again?
  2. Long Dong's ago, there was a YouTuber named thatoneguy who hadnotalent like Phillip Burnell and KGhaleon. He merged Ponies with Panda fleshlights creating disturbing godlike bald orangutan Patreon DNS where John left Phillip a hamster with bugs. Although my doujinshis suck cahck they are deliciously salty. Suddenly, Oprah jumps into the garbage bin and started humping Obama and drinking Jack Daniels Bacon Chocolate sewage. By the way,of uterus battle, Commander Cockburne report failed to orgasm violently. Once he regained
  3. The initial post captured my feelings perfectly. You cannot end a thread by saying, "Show me evidence of ______" and then promptly lock the thread. It's silly and does not do anything productive other than establish the idea that your opinion and feelings are supreme.
  4. ​Do you think Superman is overpowered to the point of boredom?
  5. ​This is hilarious. I was going to reply to your previous comment in which you said Phil only insults people in defense and I was going to find video evidence but I knew you were going to reply with the generic, "You're being sensitive/taking it out of perspective/Phil was justified in saying that" or my favorite arguement "that's in the past, find me something recent". It's safe to say that you're just a fanboy and have no real interest in actual intelligent discussion. I don't watch Phil anymore but even if I were to find evidence of Phil being insulting and in the wrong you'd just cover yo
  6. ​Can we see a playthrough of that on your channel? I'd be very interested in watching but something tells me a lot of what you said is exaggeration.
  7. This is difficult. I feel like this would be a fight of tenacity rather than skill. Godzilla can either absorb or neglect most of Superman's abilities (maybe not frost breath) but Godzilla cannot outright destroy Superman due to his endurance. I feel like the first to waver would be the first to die so i'm gonna give it to Superman since I think his strength as a strategist supersedes Godzilla.
  8. ​I had a burrito bowl from chipotle. I started my order with cilantro lime brown rice. I like that because it's more filling and has a grainier taste. I skipped getting beans and got chicken to accompany. I ordered double chicken because I feel like the skimp out on the meat and I wanted a little more protein to make up for the beans I dropped. Now that the base of the bowl is built I moved onto the topping. I skipped on the tomatoes because I just cannot stand the flavor and got hot salsa. I really enjoy my food spicy so the hot sauce is perfect. I then got shredded cheese with sour cream on
  9. 18, 19, 20 Dare! Fucking finally I get it!
  10. I also recently got into digital copies and PC gaming, I never buy any PC game at full price anymore since Steam has sales out of the ass, but I still prefer having the physical disk and case. There's just something about unwrapping and opening a game case for the first time that just isn't replaceable.
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