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  1. Link?
  2. I'll try to design some. Give me ideas.
  3. I remember I removed many comments from my videos. People who wrote the comments were asking/suggesting to group up and seek a convention where you attend to beat you. I'm sure they won't do it and they're just some edgy nerds, but still, the idea of someone wanting to do that because you didn't play his favorite game like he wanted, is just sad.
  4. Has many variaties, battle mode is not even comparable.
  5. I really hope they would make CTR remake too. That was the BEST racing game. Screw Mario Kart
  6. Yes I used to, but I don't now. I wasn't even asociated with that group before.I don't ramble about Phil in my Twitter and YT channel. The idea of gathering men just to ramble about Phil for hours is just...really weird and pathetic. Bless their souls, I hope they find something better to do. About the subs. I received 14 and that's fine by me. I'm really not obsessed with subs and I don't upload to my channel like I used to be. "B-b-but you're doing it for FREE!" yes. Just like drawing for people for free. I don't charge money for requests. I don't know why you have a problem with that.
  7. What I find hilarious is that they think they're doing God's work when they "expose" Phil, and what's funnier is that they're serious about it.
  8. I would call someone an idiot if he's an idiot. No regret.
  9. I drew this when Phil finished Metroid Prime. I was hoping he'll play Metroid Prime 2, which is way better than the first one. :) Unfortunately, I can't edit it to remove the text. I lost the psd file.
  10. Good. Thanks!
  11. Oh no. The dislikes. Off topic reply.
  12. Lol no. They answered you already. Might aswell talk about something else
  13. He is. Talks exactly like the SoK guy on my Twitter. I just wonder how many accounts these guys have made on this website. Kinda pathetic if you ask me tbh
  14. You talk like the same guy that flooded my Mention and DM with questions. Get a life
  15. I never implyed that. Wtf is wrong with you.