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  1. I recently started streaming on my YT channel. I'm planning to stream whenever I feel like playing, with no commentry. Maximum I streamed was 4 hours and was playing Crash with my brother live and laughing at people who call us noobs and such for missing a jump. It was fun but then we got bored. I can't take playing or streaming a game more than 4 hours. I get tired and bored, even without commentary.
  2. Oh. Thanks for removing the text. I lost the source file and couldn't make a textless version :)
  3. I love it when I use a proxy and watch ads on YT. You'll get ads dependong on your country lol
  4. I have a Wii U but I also want to play the games on my PC to mess with them
  5. How the heck do you get it to work? I also need a legitimate site to download WiiU games. I've seen a site providing at least 10 FILES for the game and it says you need to download them all to get the game working on CEMU. Has anyone used the emulator? Would like to learn how it works. I miss when emulators were easy to use.
  6. This. They bothered me first when I made good fanarts and videos to Phil. Just ignore them. I'll do more fanart when I finish my finals.
  7. I already got a tweet from these guys on Twitter about this thread. They do lurk here a lot I see lol
  8. "We don't want to hurt Phil! We want him to improve!" Yeah. What ever you say, losers lol When do you think they'll get tired of this "movement"? More 4 years from now?
  9. Hope the new partner is better than Machinima. Good luck.
  10. Hang in there. I just pre-ordered my grey Switch from US Amazon and it'll be shipped to Saudi Arabia after 2 weeks :( Was also gonna buy the Red/Blue one but can't pre-order now. I'll buy the colored one from retailers here.
  11. That's what I think. New users come here to post long paragraphs "criticising" Phil and sliding things to seek specific answers, "and SURPRISINGLY all new users with only 1 post posts LONG paragraphs criticising Phil with same writing flow" which for them are great materials to talk about and screencap. I'd ban their asses.
  12. What does this have to do with anything? I'm pretty sure age doesn't determine how dumb you are. First: I think he stopped uploading 10-20 videos a day long ago Second: You're not obligated to donate, AT ALL. You can enjoy his videos and streams without being an autist about it
  13. I'll try to design some. Give me ideas.
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