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  1. The Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Super Bowl LII

    About time, get the fuck out of here Reese and McApoo. Should have done this on Saturday before that bs with Eli came into fruition. Putting in Geno Smith was just McAdoo shitting on the franchise before leaving. Makes no sense. Webb, okay I don't like it but okay. Geno Smith...did Mara just never watch a Jets game the past 4 years? Why even entertain that. It is crazy how fast and hard the Chiefs have collapsed. They even lost to us and now the Jets too lol. Meanwhile they beat the Pats and Eagles at the beginning of the season.
  2. The Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Super Bowl LII

    I'm about as pissed off as I was when they let Coughlin go. Fucking disgraceful. I completely forgot that worthless trash from the Jets was even tainting our team with his presence. McAdoo needs to gtfo
  3. The Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Super Bowl LII

    Another painful game. That mother fucker Flowers needs to go like tomorrow, and Macadoo's calls suck. I think our defense is okay but they're just on the field too long.
  4. The Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Super Bowl LII

    Please get rid of Flowers. Garbage. Btw, late at this point but what was going on with the commentary during the Broncos v Chargers? Rex Ryan is so bad, and this sideline commentator was pretty amazing. lol
  5. The Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Super Bowl LII

    Looking forward to my team's first game of the season on Monday against the Lions. That game against the Cowboys was so painful. We either play like that or it's a game where I have a thousand mini-heart attacks lol.
  6. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    Doxxed a dead girl. What a cock sucking fuck. It's pretty great seeing the phony apologies from the other people though. You guys had no issue with this doxxing bullying bullshit before it got leaked out. Had it never come to light they'd still be jerking off Fred.
  7. Your Top Games Of 2017

    I just finished Nier Automata and that game was amazing. Definitely check it out, and be sure to get to Ending C at least. I think so far this year Breath of the Wild and Nier have been the best.
  8. I am getting worn out of this shit.

    Depends dude. I thought you came off very well when you debated one of them. Eventually two of the SoK people came in and the "debate" came off more as bullying/ganging up on you than being insightful to me. Not really sure what their names were, but you came off looking good in the end. Your actions after the fact made you look as nuts as the DrgnKiller guy in the other thread. (talking about Viking here). I'd still rather talk to him than people like HomerSImpson, Amityville, and the dog guy since he seems more rational than them. Like DSP says about his own content, everything isn't black and white yet for some reason you guys apply the opposite thinking when people call you out on hypocrisy. Just own up to your fuckups and you'd come out looking a lot better. I like DSP and have been watching (mostly vlogs) since your "LAID OFF" video in 2010, but you've been a hypocrite numerous times. Don't hate you for it, and surely don't think you deserve 7 hour podcasts about your screw ups, but you're not an angel and neither are the SoK. The whole "omg sock account" bullshit on this forum is also complete cancer. In the "What do you think of this" thread with HomerSimpson I was accused of agreeing with myself under different alias'. Complete nonsense, and I'm still here after Phil mentioned he removed the supposed trolls. One of the people in that thread who was banned due to being a "sock account" gave pretty insightful information about how to make your visual format look more professional in Twitch. If that's a troll, then you're pretty goddamn lucky to have such helpful trolls.
  9. Darksiders 3

    Wow I didn't think we'd see another one of these. I love the first Darksiders and just beat it again with the Warmastered Edition. The second one didn't sit right with me, and I didn't like the loot system at all. Fingers crossed this turns out good, but I'm excited!
  10. Call of Duty: WWII

    Have they showed off the Nazi Zombies for this yet? Trailer looked really awesome! Bummer that Infinite Warfare was hated by so many. I agree the multiplayer was trash, but the campaign was actually really solid.
  11. What do people think of this?

    Both extremes (Detractors and Supporters) are weird and unappealing. I will give the detractors you guys are mentioning more credit for being civil at least considering how toxic this place feels, and how everyone under the sun is accused of being the boogie man detractor even if they bring good points to the table. I feel bad for RichterTryHard since he seems like a good dude, but you guys shat on him here for no reason. Showing his Twitter conversation with Drgnkiller made you guys in this topic look worse than either of those two. RichterTryhard who's a supporter having a conversation with a detractor and both act civil and mature compared to the norm here.
  12. Let's discuss Phil's jump to full time streamer.

    I'm cool with it. I have no interest in watching part 87 of a playthrough so a more digestible focus sounds good to me!
  13. Phil is leaving Machinima.

    Curious how this will impact his Switch coverage. I imagine Nintendo is going to hit his videos hard if he isn't a managed partner anymore.
  14. About a Youtube Lawsuit from a concerned Viewer

    Just look at h3h3productions newer video about being sued. One month of legal fees was 50k. That's insane.
  15. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yup, day one for me! I'm trying not to read too much so I don't get spoiled, but I'm really glad to hear that the hunting gameplay is exciting. Hunting is like my favorite thing to do in FarCry 3-Primal and I can't wait to kill me some mechanical dinos.