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  1. This is how I feel every time I pop into the forums now http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-mB2Cx3d05u4/UOoAHp1BU0I/AAAAAAAAFBc/SWdJcAmH7Vk/s1600/troy-barnes.gif
  2. Does...Phil listen to the devil's music? IS HE DOWN WITH THE FUCKING DEVIL? The people must know. Also, most of those questions have probably been answered in his series "Ask The King" if you're curious.
  3. Kyoko is one post away from being the devil.....my master, the flying spaghetti monster is displeased.
  4. Wish you the best of luck, once more unto the breach. I'm starting Elfen Lied: Manga Edition: The Movie: The Manga. Since, ya know, the anime was never given a second season...plus it was based off the manga, so why the hell not read it?
  5. *looks at above posts* I just choose the best times to pop in on these forums. I'm just gonna.....WHY CAN'T WE EVER JUST BREAK OUT INTO RANDOM MUSICAL NUMBERS ON THESE FORUMS
  6. I'd recommend most of Stephen King's works, especially The Stand and The Dark Tower series. Another classic book would be A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. Another one I haven't heard anyone ever really talk about that I enjoyed would be The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks, very intriguing set in a very interesting universe with great characters and plot that keeps you going through all 3 books.
  7. ​Flipped around for me, did Hanako's first and then did Lily. The feels...
  8. *immediately jumps to Katawa Shoujo thread as soon as seeing it* I gotta say, good cover. My favorite songs in the game were Moment of Decision and Painful History. Mind if I ask what was your favorite path in the game?
  9. Miracle of Sound and The Doors, weird combination, but so are a lot of my tastes.
  10. look at dat rep, can someone like that do something to get demodded that easily? :p Just kidding, staying out of it. In other news, Demon's Souls is pretty kewl, been playing some of that in short bursts. Definitely different from Dark Souls in some ways, and I like some of the design choices better, that's for sure
  11. Well, please allow me to introduce myself...I'm a man of not much wealth...but a fine amount of taste, maybe. Damn, I messed it up. :c So, yep, I'm War-Senpai TheWarThatChanged, I covered wars you know?
  12. yayyyyyyyyy, I've been remembered, this is a once in a lifetime experience! WOOO, I'm king of the world! *jumps off building and falls to death*
  13. I think Phil has some problems.... *violently explodes* ah, damn it! But, seriously, I had a feeling that people would liken this incarnation of the forums to a hugbox, I miss the old moderation staff, but Kyoko, and Static, plus others seem to be doing fairly well from my limited time on here.
  14. ​Oh, that's a shame. I thought Kyoko was pretty cool from all the modding I saw being done by him. :/
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