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  1. Going to severely dial back my use of this forum, I mostly stuck around because I am a patron, but since I won't be much longer, doesn't seem much point in posting, when there are around only 10 regulars but good people who post on here like Sateler96, MDCFan, KGhaleon, SilentWarrior, Nich, Darksphere, LastRambo even the resident patrol squad Amityville/ThatDogGuy etc Phil is lucky to have you guys on here, otherwise this forum would be a desert wasteland, I will post if something major in the bizarre world of DSP happens, unless I tell the truth pi** off Phil and get banned since I wouldn't be a Patron anymore, anyway take care everyone and peace out.
  2. Don't always take Phil's word as the truth, play the games yourself before deciding how you feel about the game. In some cases not even an hour.
  3. In past marathons you have raged at games but still played them for around 2 hours, for example I Wanna Be The Guy which you made little progress on, so saying that you are determining how long you play games based on how good they are doesn't hold water, also you should prioritized the patrons who paid money to see you play the game, not selfishly put your own opinion above all else, if it's not a patreon event then ok you can do that, but in this case you are not giving patrons value for their pledge and therefore don't deserve the money. Silent Hill games typically have a slow story build, 30 minutes is not long enough to determine it was crap, I watched the stream myself and you were already complaining about the Wiimote before you even started playing the game, you could have at least given it a proper try, but you were determined to crap on it, you would have quit the game, you are just using the chat as an excuse, I've seen them say other games in the past have been boring, yet you have persisted with the game, so I call BS on that. For someone who has financial issues you have an arrogant attitude, if you are desperate for money to pay your bills, you shouldn't saying things like "I was bored" f**k if you are bored, it should be about the people who pay you money to help you maintain your lifestyle and entertaining them not yourself and "That's just life" who the hell do you think you are to say that, although what Tut did to try and get the money back was wrong at the end, someone like him/her is not going to come along all the time to give you extra boost to your income, I don't agree with some of the tactics that parts of anti-dsp group have done to you in the past, but when you give a condescending reply like this, it's little wonder that this group exists, I will be cancelling my pledge ASAP and not renewing my Twitch subscription when it expires next, I will give my subscription to a much more deserving streamer than yourself and pledge money to people who are more grateful and don't take it for granted, unlike you who clearly has.
  4. Much love to you DogGuy, I know your gimmick is to defend Phil on everything he does, so bless you for that and regardless what I say you will keep doing that on this forum, so whatever reply you give to me I take with a huge pinch of salt, but for anyone else on this forum who reads this topic, for those like myself who pledged to see Phil play this game or other games for that matter, Phil should respect what they have done to help him keep the house he has over his head and at least make an effort to play it properly, but in this case Phil was disrespectful towards those people, a sizable amount of his audience actually enjoy seeing Phil rant at the game, for example when Phil played I Wanna Be The Guy he was raging at that game, but he stuck at it for around 2 hours, his attempt at playing Shattered Memories yesterday was just utterly pathetic, like I said before PEOPLE PAID HIM TOO PLAY THAT, THIS WAS NOT A NON PATREON GAME EVENT WHERE PHIL CAN QUIT WHENEVER HE LIKES!!!, I have given Phil a pass on delaying playing Patreon games in the past, because he was having trouble paying his bills, but on this no way Jose.
  5. See my topic post Rant on DSP prematurely quitting/ending Silent Hill Shattered Memories, was very disappointed in Phil's biased attitude towards the game, he had clearly made his mind up on the game before playing it simply because it used a Wiimote, but what pi**ed me off more so was that Patrons had paid money to see this played, if Phil wants to quit non Patreon games then fine, but doing that to games people have paid to see even if it's just for 2 hours is out of order, Phil should play that for another 1 hour and a half for those who pledged for that marathon, the Twitch audience is important for Phil, but he shouldn't forget that the Patrons are too, which he clearly did for this game and by the way the game does get better as it goes on, so if you haven't played this game before, don't listen to Phil's opinion on this game, I do recommend getting the PS2 version which is what I played myself, the game is enjoyable
  6. I played and finished it a few years ago, but the last dungeon and the F.O.E.S in it were annoying and dragged the game down a bit for me, I prefer playing on consoles myself, I can only play the 3DS in short bursts, as it starts to mess with my sight, if they had released it on the PS3 or Switch I would have played it on there instead.
  7. Statistically most mass shootings in the USA are done by right wing extremists, followed by Muslim extremists, then left wing extremists, I have no love for the Democratic party, they are the equivalent of the Conservative party in the UK and I don't like them, but there has been plenty of dog and human whistling from Trump when it comes to violent rhetoric, as well as other Republican politicians and celebratory supporters over the years, it's on both sides of the political spectrum, if you are referring to the Synagogue shooting (you have so many in the USA now) the shooter/suspect was a right wing extremist.
  8. I've been a fan over 8 years and I wouldn't give Phil that amount of money, at least in the amount of time Tut did, anyway it helps Phil pay his bills and that's what matters most in this situation, it was nice knowing you for a bit Tut, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
  9. Alas I don't own an Xbox.
  10. Morgana forcing you to go to sleep with a knife held to the player's throat is one of the few downsides to the game, especially if you don't max out the teacher's social link, aside from Miracle Punch he's useless anyway and other party members heal as well.
  11. Have you heard he is bringing back Captain Picard for a new star trek series. Whenever I hear the name Chris Evans, the first person I think of is a british DJ/TV presenter of the same name, the sight of seeing this person playing as Captain America would be hiliarious. Here is a picture of him lol.
  12. I voted for Anthony Hopkins because he tastes like liver fffffffffffffff and he's British like me, if Patrick Stewart was an option I would have voted for him instead.
  13. The original animation series was interesting, would love to go back and watch the whole thing some day. Not right now, maybe in the future.
  14. If you mean the Playstation then transfer the same account details from one console to another, I made the mistake of not doing that after buying a new PS4 and ended up giving up on The Walking Dead after series 2, when they stopped making a PS3 version.
  15. I was the one who nominated the American map in bully schlorship edition, I found it funny because an American didn't know where the states where in the American map, as an british person I should know where all the countries are situated on the uk map.
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