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  1. I believe it would be interesting to see what Phil thinks of some of these newer horror games. I also strongly believe it would be very fun to watch.
  2. My personal favorite is Dark Souls Redemption Run. Although I was with Phil since 2011 this run has just been run straight past all my other favorite into the top spot! Maybe it's because I like the fact that DSP admits his mistakes and is willing to restart something he stopped doing, or maybe the fact that his jokes have been really hitting home with me recently. All around I've just enjoyed it so damn much. What are your thoughts on this topic? Im interested to know!
  3. For me that honor goes to Team Fortress Two, it's an amazing game bursting with personality and charm. The game is funny, exciting, charming, fun, and a many other things I couldn't begin to describe. One of the other things I adore so much is that it's not pay to win. I've seen some pro ass players that have never even thought about buying a single weapon. It'd just overall a great experience.
  4. Well for me the award goes to The Crooked Man. The game was an amazing mix of many different great aspects from other horror games with a plot that keeped me intrigued, symbolism that kept me guessing and a interesting monster to go up against. I do respect all those other opinions you guys have though. Some of the ones you guys listed off were quite scary to me.
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