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  1. Ha. DSP I think you take yourself and what you do for a living way to seriously. It's not malicious and immoral to make compilations of all your inept moments (which can be the most entertaining parts of the whole playthrough), which you seem to have several thoughout every game you play. As far as 2% and these people are lying. The comments are there and it is you making these moments. I mean, if you wanted them to stop making the content, you could, i don't know... Stop being blameless and going on nonsensical insulting rants about the game and it's developers? Think of it like this if a Catholic Priest was a very noble and recognized figure, but 2% of the time he likes to fuck little boys on the side, is it immoral and malacious if the news reports about it? Sorry to use such an extreme example but I think it'll drive my point across more clearly than something subtle.
  2. On the flip side though, many of the TIHYDP's have more views than DSP's original playthroughs with way more interaction. I even came across a few popular YouTubers in the comment section of those videos that didn't think they knew DSP even existed. DSP really cut himself short by refusing to make those videos for his own channel.
  3. Mobility. People are excited about the mobility with Skyrim more than anything.
  4. Ignored. So anyways Trump today is making orders to ban refugees from the Middle East and the construction of "The Wall".... lord help us.
  5. Ok, I actually gave you a little grace after stating there was no need to read or respond to any of your further messages by reading your first sentence of your latest post. Again, more stupidity so I stopped right here and just say you're wrong again and continuously be wrong until you acquire some intelligence on the subject. The DACA program is a type of workers visa that allows immigrant's that illegally came here in their childhood to stay and work in America under certain stipulations, its renewable every 2 years. Trump want's to get rid of this program that legalizes them being here, if or when he does regardless of what the persons status with the DACA program, they're all illegal in Trumps eyes and will get deported. You don't get that, because you don't know what your talking about. Now, if your first sentence is completely arrogant and wrong, and I already gave you the time of day previously, why would I continue to read any further into your post? Oh, that's right I wouldn't. I know you get some sort of arousement out of arguing even when you are completely wrong and have no idea what you're talking about, but please, stop quoting me, and remove yourself from this complex discussion when clearly you're too simple to have a discussion. That's not an insult to you personally, that's just the reality of your argument here on this topic. If you don't abide by my wishes, then you'll just end up on the ignore/block list where all of your efforts towards me in any topic on this forum will be wasted. Thank you, and have a good day.
  6. And..... just like that you made yourself look ignorant. Just that fast. That's why I tell you people, if you don't know what you're talking about, don't speak, and clearly you don't. First off all, you just compared illegal immigration to murder. Comical. Whatever morsel of an argument you thought you had was lost right there. It's not murder. It's people trying to get away from whatever terrible conditions their original country has bestowed on them, illegal?, yes, but I'm not going to compare and sentence these people akin to murderers as what you've just suggested above. I don't see how you'd view another human being that is trying to make a better life for themselves at any means possible a murderer because they crossed an invisible line. Just shows how feeble you and several other's minds are. Two. Specifically the immigrants I've been referring to this whole damn time is the ones that are currently under Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which puts these undocumented illegal immigrant's in a legal gray area and allowed to stay in America under certain stipulations. One of those stipulations, is not commit more than a traffic violation while on the program. That's why I put "illegal immigrant" and "law abiding resident" in the same sentence, because it makes sense if you understand the program that is now under threat with Trump in office. But you don't understand because per usual with some of the people in this thread, you don't know what you're talking about. I'm not the one and this is not the topic to just arrogantly throw yourself into because you want attention or you get some arousement from arguing. Don't do that. You and I are already done because just in a mere 2 post, you've showed where your intelligence is on this topic, and trust me, it's eons away from us even having an iota of a constructive discussion. Have a good day.
  7. I have no complaints about what you're saying, whatsoever. Stopping illegal immigration I have no problem with. What my message has been this whole time on this thread is about the people that are unfortunately illegally here but are on work visa's under the Obama administration. People Trump want's to throw out of the country until they become a complete citizen. I have a problem with ruining a hard working, tax paying, law abiding resident of the United States that's actually trying to become a citizen here. My whole stance has not what some idiots here think that I want illegals to emigrate from Mexico over here unchecked, that's not my stance at all. What I said is for the illegals THAT ARE ALREADY HERE and are trying their hardest to make a life for themselves, give them a fighting chance before just throwing them out. That's all I've been saying, and for some reason, some of you, including Trump, is coldheartedly against that. As far as your overpopulation statement, the whole world is overpopulated, illegal immigration is a drop in the bucket towards that problem. Blame plastics, oil, and technology that has made humans live a lot longer for overpopulation, not Mexicans. Until some massive famine hits or some uncontrollable plague erupts at an international airport, its going to continue, and I guarantee some fucking wall along the Rio Grande and beyond is not going to stop people from not dying or producing babies. Period. No clue what you're talking about, but if you have something to contribute (which by looking at your post history, you've rarely contributed anything outside of jumping in an argument) I'll be vaguely happy to quickly read it. But judging by your first redundant post quoting me, probably have nothing to say and just want the attention. Not insulting you, just my opinion of you by just briefly looking at your post history, hope you prove me wrong though.
  8. He doesn't. If the DMV tells you you need glasses to see the road well, then its probably blind enough to need corrective lenses to play video games. He's said he doesn't wear glasses or lenses, ain't like its an off base question. What's the real issue here is why are you so quick to dismiss a simple legitimate question of Phil, and why do you feel the need to throw yourself into every puddle Phil needs to cross. Don't bother answering, I already know why.
  9. I think he said he looks too much like his father when he wears glasses, which I don't see what the problem there is, I heard his father is a highly recognized man in Connecticut. Legally he should be wearing glasses as he's driving, but doesn't. I don't know. Probably alleviate a good percent of gaming problems if he did wear some glasses, I can't count how many times he'd make an excuse of "the game didn't tell me anything" when it clearly shows messages or item descriptions right in front of him, he just can't see.
  10. Well apparently TraditionGames went off on Phil in the Patreons only section and got banned.... I know that guy has been around for YEARS, sad to see a dedicated fan like that go.
  11. I countered both your arguments with precision and poise and you both failed to counter with any legitimate points but I'm a delusional douchebag. Ok. Close minds think alike. Just for the future, you two should probably refrain from expressing your views to other people if you can't accept someone elses opinion or agree to disagree. That's all, and goodbye you two.
  12. You're just adding more irrelevancy to your fleeting argument. Touring is not the same as acquiring a work visa and living here. Just because you toured here (my bottom dollar would bet it was probably nowhere near the Mexican border) for a week or so doesn't mean you know anything about immigrating here. This is why your argument is pointless and arrogant at this point, it's because its clear you view things black and white, and you can't do that with such a complex issue as illegal immigration. With our rich history of how this country became great because of immigration, there should not be a "one law fits all" perceptive with a country that was essentially founded and infrastructure built on illegal immigration. I could go all day explaining to you why its better to help those that are already working, tax paying, law abiding residents into citizenship rather than just throwing them out, but I can tell your brain can't grasp the concept of a gray area when it comes to complex worldly issues. And just to say a little side note about you. I can tell what kind of person you are, a guy that paid his way into modship and has received multiple complaints about banning people in the chat for absolutely no good reason, a person who likes to get drunk on power whenever they can obtain it... Let me just say, I'm not surprised about your views on anything that doesn't suite your mindset. The only thing I'm grateful for is you're not in a seat of power in real life in your country of residence. This conversation is over between you and I, it's clear you feel one way, I feel another, and its a pointless exchange of words especially for myself that can think logically and consecutively reduce my intelligence and open-mindedness to try to exclaim to someone as yourself why it's important to not think one way with such issues when clearly your mind just can't wrap around the concept of thinking outside of the box. Thank you, and have a good day.
  13. Well people's lives are a little bit more complex than what you and Trump's feeble minds can comprehend. Trump doesn't believe in ANY immigration, just a quick look at his immigration policies will tell you that. Illegal immigration is a problem that I'm not abrasive of solutions for, but the solution should not involve revoking Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or any other program that have allowed these people to work under the Obama administration only to strip them from everything they've worked for and deport them because they're from another country. Sorry, don't believe in ruining peoples lives just to give an American an opportunity at a job that 9 times out of 10 he/she probably doesn't want. Now you being Scandinavian, its hard to have this conversation with someone who not only doesn't live but hasn't stepped foot in my country. It would be like me explaining to you why the food quality in Norway is so poor, or why people with an education get paid less than a housekeeper over there. I can't make an argument about a topic that I can't experience for myself, and this is exactly what you're trying to do with me. Telling me, a guy that lives in a state that borders Mexico and lives in a so called "sanctuary city" about how Mexican immigrants should be treated. It's nonsense, and you're really not qualified to make an argument towards me about the topic. Not trying to insult you, its just the truth. And I'm sure someone is going to come in here an say "Look Squire is making more ad-hominem attacks again". If I need a plumber and the plumbers mother comes over who is a not a plumber and hasn't used a wrench a day in her life and tries to tell me why my kitchen is flooded, am I wrong for kindly telling her to shut the fuck up because she doesn't know what she's talking about? No. Didn't think so.
  14. You've either accidently or blatantly missed the part where I said "As long as they are working, actively finding a way to become a citizen, and paying some sort of tax, I don't have a problem with them" and made your entire point mute because of it. Obviously, if they aren't doing any of these things, they need to go. As far as "eroding the American system", the American system is immigration. Everyone's history here begins at being a fucking immigrant at some point, and that is what makes us great. Euro-Caucasians coming and pushing the Indians out and claiming the land while killing the natives, Black's being brought over by slaves to do free manual labor, Germans (mostly Nazi) brought over during the war, Japanese being rounded up during the second one, now its Mexicans crossing over illegally. Now, Blacks dominate every sport they're in, bring music, food and style to America today, Germans pretty much built our space program, the Japanese are THE intellectuals of our society here by dominating all of our academic programs, and now the Mexicans are the work force renovating America as we speak by being our construction force. No matter how bad the initial reason different races have ended up on our shores, its always worked out for both of us in the long run. It's the American way. Like I said I don't have a problem for those who are actively trying to become a citizen, but those who are just squatting here and causing trouble. Yes, get rid of those motherfuckers.
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