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  1. I see the forums are nearly lifeless. lol

    Oh well. Was fun while it lasted.


  2. XxSWOxX

    Who do you think you are?

    ​Don't bother. Phil and his fanboys will face an inevitable demise anyways. Just chill and have fun on the net while Phil cries about money and fanboys suffer emotionally.
  3. XxSWOxX

    Modern Gameplay Changes

    ​You can disable them in DX Human Revolution, though. I did because those are so redundant.
  4. XxSWOxX

    Games with complex plot

    Deus Ex series.
  5. I would definitely never buy a game day 1 but if I had to, probably Rockstar North and CD Projeckt.
  6. First one was pretty good but in my opinion, not really worth the second playthrough and the ending was bad.
  7. XxSWOxX

    Modern Gameplay Changes

    I would like to see what modern gameplay changes you guys dislike the most. i.e. Reg health, enemy tagging, forced tutorials, short campaign, anything that annoys you or if you think it holds your hand too much
  8. One last thing. I realized that I did break the rules by posting DSP "hater" videos.

    I take that back but just to let you know:

    "you say it in your own words" means "censor the proof"

    I cannot prove anything with saying with my own words. Just to let you guys know.


    I still stand by the point of not talking about DSP anymore. I'm just throwing this here.

    ScreenHunter_1443 Jan. 15 12.10.jpg

  9. XxSWOxX

    Games you dislike but many love or remotely like

    ​No, I meant 2. Second Encounter was awesome.
  10. XxSWOxX

    Share Your Steam/Xbox/PSN/Wii U/3DS Friend Code

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/XxElizaxX/ Eliza - The Egyptian Beauty
  11. XxSWOxX

    Game Recommendations

    Far Cry 3 Deus Ex (original one from 2000) Doom S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series Thief series StarCraft series
  12. What are the games you dislike that many love a lot or even remotely like? Mine has to be Serious Sam 2, Bioshock 1 and 2, Half Life series. Those are at the top of my head.
  13. XxSWOxX

    Game you liked but many disliked

    Duke Nukem Forever.
  14. XxSWOxX

    Best video game in a series?

    Just Vice city.