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  1. Hey Dr. Phil. Could you name me some of your favorite mystery theme shows you watched growing up? I ask because my favorite series gravity falls ended, and I always wondered have you ever watch these types of shows where something odd's going on? Kind of like twin peaks. And would you think a halo and mass effect crossover would be cool? M.V.
  2. Hey, Philip. Since you love both Dead space and Resident Evil, in your mindset which game has the better plot, characters, action/horror, and if you had to choose between two enemies to fight in one of these choices with just your wits, and bare hands what would you pick? From: M.V.
  3. Hey Phil. You understand jobs like most do. I'm 18 years of age, and I'm thinking of being a writer. But I want to work at Walmart at the moment. My question here is (drum roll.) Do you hate interviews? If so, could you name me a few. I'll tell you one of mine. "So why do you wish to join this company?" "Because money you idiot! What else?" Or, you have that dumbass thing they say that my friend went threw. "You could have been amazing, but the job goes to this Asshole because his friends work here."
  4. Hey Phil. Sorry if I send too much questions, but this one I just want to talk about just because it's fucking stupid. Stupidly more then some guy take a shit next to a sleeping bear, yeah think that out of the box haha. Every since Mafia 3 came out SUPER fans started to grow scared. Was it the game play? Was it that the fucking graphics were so fucking real, you wish Jennifer Lopez was in it? No. They don't like the fact that the main guy is black. Supposedly there weren't any black mafias during the 60's or 80's and they want it back to the Italian American mafias. When I heard this, I flipp
  5. Hey Phil, you mention that you would have wanted a new game with the original characters from mass effect. Then it hit me. How do you know if a series of books, movies, game etc stay to long? We gotten a lot of sequels announced from different companies. My friend Jacky thought of a trilogy of books called Toxic wars. She thought about adding a new story after the 3rd, but had a hard time, so she said I won't do it. My question is how do you know if a good/great series over stays it's welcome? And, do you think we have too much sequels?
  6. Hey Phil, you said you read novels or books? Well, is there any books that you wish turn into movies? Two: Which series in your mind set is better game of thrones or lord of the rings? I know it's a dumb ass question, but I feel like you speak like a true fan. Plus, what's your favorite type of plotline. And in what time in our history you wish you could be there? I would pick the time when we had just made flying possible.
  7. Hey Phil, I just saw Mad Max: Fury road. I thought it was a good movie. I have not seen the other three yet, but I plan to in the future. But, this movie made Alex a walking target. He told me and Francis that he felt the actor who did Max didn't fit his voice or character. When he tweeted this on Twitter, he got a lot of backlash from "Too big fans". Meaning they love a actor, or movie so much, that they will defend it/them to death. He wrote back explaining, "You can say so many bad shit to me, but it won't change a thing. That means you're acting like children." After that, it started to d
  8. Hey, Phil: There has been a LOT of bad remakes lately by HW like, Potergeist, Vaction etc. Do you think there will be a time where hollypoop will learn we want good movies NOT same old shit? (not that their bad movies by any means) My friend Jason a couple years ago saw star wars revenge of the sith. And he got so mad he (not joking) took the disc out, and snaped in half. Yes, he was that stupid. What im asking is will the tall and mighty dumbasses there stop killing our babies? P.S. in your thoughts and Pandalee's, which show is better, Walking dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones or Hell on W
  9. My lord Phil, a dark power has come a Pond us from Nintendo. There are words spreading that the NX may not be competing with nex-gen, being not as powerful as the PS4. What are your thoughts on this, my master? Question 2: Did you hear that Dragonball will return as a series? The name is called Dragonball super by the creator but I don't know if this will be a squel or near prequel. Do you think this will bring DB back on top or just a way to cash-in? Question 3: What do you think of halo's story llines from bungie and from 343 is the original better then the new saga and do you think the 5t
  10. Hey, Phil, I've always wondered about YOU, because you like characters in very different ways, just a way of saying it, Brain from family guy is everybody's favorite on the show, but my friend Yoshi says he hates him, but didn't wanted him killed off. I ask you this, because you usually have strange feelings around other characters in different games like, Larry from walking dead, you hated him, but you didn't want him dead. It's strange how people react in video games, so why did you do that? My other question is that I'd software maybe taking DOOM into a story direction like wolfinstein the
  11. Hey, Phil, i got a 'thing' going on at my school. For three years I've been with loudon high school. I'm about to graduate next year, and i was thinking about give them a farewell note or photo to them for all the times i had with them, but my father had a meeting with my teacher, coach walktins. And (just spit balling) he told me that the school thinks if i get carried away with my anger, they think I'll bring guns to the school, and start a riot. Now, i NEVER once carried a blood weapon and killed someone. I shot a cross_bow, but i got scared just to shoot it. I'm afraid the back of the gun
  12. Hey Phil, I just want to say what a honor it's been to watch you since your castle crashers vids. If I didn't see that, I wouldn't see you become the man you are today. Anyway, My question is that did you hear Valve will be making the source 2 engine and that they say they'll go make 'future valve games?' Some have said that they'll make half life 3 from this engine, and other games like Dota 2, TF2, Left 4 dead, and maybe Left 4 dead 3. Do you think these games will be made do to that valve hasn't done anything since portal 2, and that came out in 2011, so ten years, right? For me, they sho
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