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  1. Amityville

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Its common knowledge Nich was a guy called TraditionalGames. If you didn't know... LMFAO.
  2. Amityville

    Resident Evil 2 mod removes Mr X

    Theres a mod which completely removes Mr X from the game. I think this is a great idea. Capcom should allow console owners to have the same, maybe sell it as a microtransaction?
  3. Amityville

    Ready For The Podcast?!

    Don't blame him. Phil literally has to sleep with one eye open with the amount of sociapaths stalking his every move. Wouldn't surprise me if someone tried to break into his house to cause him inconvenience.
  4. Amityville

    What can Phil do to improve as a streamer...?

    He should promote the forums more to get more fans posting. Also he should big up posters like me who are contributing great content regularly.
  5. Amityville

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    They're not enemies. We feel sorry for them. There's not one detractor I had hard feelings for after I smited them into oblivion. Hopefully, that detractor will learn from being smacked down and go on to do something productive with his life.
  6. Amityville

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Loving the conspiracy theories in this thread :D Its amazing how easily influenced kids are from what they read on Twitter. Also, lol at screenshots being considered as 100% evidence.
  7. Amityville

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    Did you just call yourself stupid? Way to go. Plus going round saying we are stupid is probably why you're a bit para about being reported.
  8. Amityville

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    How would you know this?
  9. Amityville

    How to revive the forum, ideas

    So reporting immediately results in the mods banning? Didn't know that!
  10. Amityville

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Watched the Michael Jackson documentary. Not sure what to make of it. He's 100% weird as fuck, but is he a dirty kiddy fiddler?
  11. Amityville

    Easy way for DSP to make money

  12. Amityville

    Random Thoughts 4.0

  13. Amityville


    I mean John said he was going through some rough times didn't he, which says to me he was in some bad mental health. So it's safe to say in his neurotic state he lost complete control of the situation and may have lost the true picture of what happened. I don't like how he made a video and came up with those lies when he finally got off his ass to sort his head out. Imagine how Phil felt. If he had a problem with Phil why not address it with Phil and keep the internet out of it? SMH.
  14. Amityville


    John can only wish to still be friends with DSP after the backstabbing.