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  1. Amityville

    7th Guest

    That game was terrible I think it was the first game I saw my dad play way back. Not a good introduction to games lol
  2. Amityville

    Halloween (2018)

    If you've seen any of Carpenters movies in over the last 22 years you know where this is going.
  3. Amityville

    Halloween (2018)

    Nope. Halloween 4 is an amazing sequel.
  4. Amityville

    The Predator (2018)

    I agree to disagree.
  5. Amityville

    Halloween (2018)

    Looks boring. Do we need a 20th Halloween movie?
  6. Amityville

    The Predator (2018)

    This was seriously the best Predator film imho. Dark, funny, violent, loads of fucking swearing with great characters. Lived it! Bring on the sequel The Predator Killer!!
  7. Amityville

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I have to say, this is actually spot on.
  8. Amityville

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Nm plz delete
  9. Amityville

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Doesn't look like him.
  10. Amityville

    How is Phil so good at fighting games?

    My vote for Nich vs Phil at SF2
  11. Amityville

    How is Phil so good at fighting games?

    Agree Phil is one of the best gamers purely for playing so many of them during raw gameplay footage.
  12. Amityville

    How is Phil so good at fighting games?

    He came fourth in a top tournament for SF2 Turbo. So he's clearly got talent most haven't.
  13. Amityville

    10 years of the king!

    Satire isn't racism.
  14. Amityville

    I think it’s time....

    People said he wouldn't get his monetization back, and look! So there's a good chance business will pick up in the future providing this is still a place for fans to discuss without prejudice.
  15. Amityville

    PLEASE Use a Controller...

    Well, PC zealots are always going on about how superior their controls are.