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  1. Didn't see this coming.. >_>
  2. Process times are random depending on the time of day. If you upload a video at.. Say midnight, the processing is almost instant. It's all about the current traffic that YouTube is handling. For a 3 hour long 1080p video, it'll probably take 1-2 hours at the very least. Otherwise, you're looking at about 4-5 hours of processing time. Source: A friend of mine, he edits and uploads a ton of videos for different YT channels
  3. I like the playthrough so far. Seems like the game's not as easy as everyone thought. :P
  4. Hi Phil, has there been a game playthrough that has ever made a lasting impression on you to this day? I know you've played a ton of games over the years and I'd like to know if there has been that "one game" that really stood out with you.