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  1. I reported KG when he wrote in the parody video discussion that I was "talking out of my ass", with in my opinion the target to derail the thread since the first one got deleted thanks to his "efforts" . I also wrote Revan a PM that I have no influence about KG's possible punishment, and all I can do is reporting. It was around the time when Onyx felt like changing user names and when the forum rules were bent for KG when he linked to a comment of a parody video. During that time I was happy that at least Revan has shown some sense of duty.
  2. Notice that by the time Revan took action, KG also derailed other threads like the Equipment thread in which he just typed that he wants to play Fallout again - remember someone got a warning for derailing that thread by telling Phil not to buy new equipment as his current one is pretty much okay. I took part of the whole situation as I first asked Revan why the initial parody video thread was deleted and he said because KG derailed it, then I started a new thread, less focused on a certain event but on parody videos in general, and he said he keeps an eye on KG. When said one started to attac
  3. ​That's not how it works in a forum. If the affairs affect the forum thn for sure the mods can be questioned about it. As far as I see it, the demodding of Revan affected the forum in some way. I mean, what could happen if they give a statement? It would clear up a lot. In my opinion, mods are not there to be a group of people with special rights and a nice title above the common user, they have obligations and duties. Lately the forum has a poor communication with users being treated with silence. But I know a person like you who gets extra treatment in this forum thinks different about such
  4. A simple public statement / announcement to some topics - like StaticVeins does sometimes, is okay. I mean it sure is not fair to say there is only so much grain of truth in Revan's view but refusing to tell the other side of the story. It implies to me that this rather means Revan is to be denounced and disencouraged and that the other side is hiding something. This may or may not be true - but where there are no answers to questions, then there are rumors.
  5. It is okay to refuse to tell one's side of the story, since it gives you the benefit of the doubt. That does not mean everything Revan says or will say in the SoKcast is less true. At least he wants to speak his mind and doesn't treat everyone else like some lesser beings by leaving them oblivious. As I said in another thread, the communication between mods/admin and users has still to develop.
  6. All I can say is that if the first post/thread of a new member is a misleading clickbait of a video with the target to denounce people without proof that they do what that member accuses them, I save my time saying welcome to that member :)
  7. I still wish that moderators show their opinion on that subject here. This thread is meant to have a dialogue with them, since the goal is to make the forum a bit better for everyone. The dead silence treatment given to users is so awkward it only leads to rumors.
  8. Phil let off some steam during these rants. Maybe he was so frustrated about something else that on twitter he vented a bit. Then again it seems it is another attempt to denounce critics all alike by putting them in the same corner. Critics have been called haters, malicious, and now stalkers, which is ridiculous since Phil has put his opinions and views online himself. And calling someone a stalker when you have a block function, where you can easily avoid getting harassed by not going online for example? It's just to demonize people again, in which bystanders pay the price. Also Phil said re
  9. ​ First of all, you are not talking to me that way. I am not talking "out of my ass", as you say it. The thread addressing the Minecraft parody video (the first one, as the second one has been deleted by Phil) has been locked and deleted, the staff member responsible for that told me it was because of you derailing the thread. That's one example of you derailing a thread that criticizes Phil's activities, I picked that one because that was a thread I started. Also remember you received a temporary ban from Static Veins for backseat moderating in the week before the forum purge has started, so
  10. ​Well, they could be tougher on thread derailing. A good portion of drama is created by you and fueled by the mods not handing out justice to you. I was wondering why you didnt show up earlier to stir some drama in this thread, but here you are. In my opinion a lot of threads could still be open if you did not start derailing it. Constructive criticism forever lost thanks to your doing. But you are not the one to blame. It's the mods that let you get away with it.
  11. I would like to hear a response from the administration / lead moderators about this. I try to change things for the better in this forum, and that includes addressing issues when there are some, in a polite way as possible.
  12. I also want to remind that this is not nit-picking. There are TWO forum rules that go against derailing a thread (No trolling and no derailing). If those two rules are only enforced when the moderators/admins feel like it, it is hard to accept the plead to accept a moderator's decision in that same set of rules.
  13. Hands down Guts, especially in his final form as kuroi kenshin
  14. I do not know about how much the poll reflects the current view of the users on moderation issues, but from what I see is that I am not the only person that disagrees with threads being deleted all out of a sudden.
  15. I guess it is safe to adress the elephant in the room here. There is a certain user who derails threads that criticize Phil or his actions in some way and gets away with it most of the time, resulting in the thread being derailed, closed and deleted. The same person who is also known for backseat moderating. To me, it seems like there is a two class society here. Those who support Phil financially or with fanart can basically get away with most of the things. I mean we had a guy harassing someone on the stream chat and got away with it, when someone else has been banned for something that did
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