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  1. ​Pretty sure you have most of those "typical jerks" blocked, so I don't understand why you would bring up social networking sites when they have nothing to do with this forum.
  2. ​He meant he'll donate $125 to his own charity. Reading comprehension.
  3. ​You know, for someone who's so quick to defend Phil against the "detractors", you almost always sound very negative. Listen, Phil is a grown man, he can fight his own battles without white knights like you coming to his aid. Also, you can't be disappointed by the SOK when they do nothing to please you. Because they don't have to please you.
  4. ​Phil, you can't expect people to give you "valid criticism", when you see every form of criticism towards you as either made up, or malicious. And why won't you go on the SOK podcast? Is it because they're the "haters" and you can't be bothered to talk with them in a civil manner?
  5. ​KG hates the SOK, he's hated the SOK since day one, he tries to make them look like evil people, who want to destroy DSP, when in reality the SOK is composed of former fans of Phil, who are disappointed with him, and the way he goes about things.
  6. ​I haven't seen any bad apples either, unless he says someone like Fred Fuchs is a bad apple, which makes no sense since he created the charity in the first place.
  7. ​He's spitting venom at SOK simply due to the fact they are the SOK, they exist, and this upsets him.
  8. ​Explain to me, and everyone here how a charity for WATER is being used for "ill benefits". Because I'm pretty sure raising money for water is a good cause, and you're just trying to find things to complain about.
  9. ​You said you donated to the charity at first, then you insulted both the charity and the SOK.
  10. ​That's right, you listen to podcasts, but in your case you just lied about listening to the SOK podcast. Perhaps you're the one sidestepping here?
  11. ​Breaking the Patreon process? Are you saying it's bad, or illegal for them to donate to Phil?
  12. ​Yes, and that someone would be a Patreon member, since they are the only ones who would get exclusive access. Let me ask you a question. If a SOK memeber becomes a Patreon member, but someone else unaffiliated with the SOK rips one of Phil's videos, would you still blame the SOK?
  13. ​No one's saying they are the same, however there are tons of sites out there with content that is most likely stolen from other places and/or people, look at torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, for example. Also, that alternative file upload service idea is dumb, it would be a slap to the face to the people who paid to watch said content by limiting the number of times one can watch it.
  14. ​Hold on, you're worried about Phil getting his views stolen? And that is somehow "malicious practice"? I swear, you and Phil must be joined at the hip, get a hobby instead of worrying about DSP every day, come on.
  15. ​Every one of Phil's opinions boils down to "I hate this game, and fuck everyone else who likes it, because I said so". He stomps his feet like a spoiled child whenever someone disagrees with him, which is not the proper way for a grown man in his 30's to act. I mean, telling someone else to "wake up" because he likes something you don't is rude and immature.
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