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  1. ​If your spending on Supercard is none of our business then quit bragging about how much you spend on PUBLIC forums. Shut up about it and keep it private. That's just one of many problems with you "None of your business what I do in private" yet you tell everyone every damn "private" thing about you and what you do on the internet. It is our business since you claim you're in massive debt and you're wanting us to donate to you but somehow you're giving hundreds to a mobile game, paying hundreds for movies/TV shows, you eat out quite a lot, going to be paying hundreds for a hotel that's only 20-40 minutes away from your house, going to a Comic-Con this year and spending hundreds to thousands to fly halfway across the U.S. for a wedding. You have publicly said all of this whether it was on forums, in videos or on Twitter so none is private. Don't try to make people feel sorry about your debt when 1. You caused it by moving and overspending & 2. You're still constantly going to be blowing money that you claim to not have. To keep this on topic: You can improve yourself by keeping everything about your "personal private life" actually private.
  2. ​Hopefully the price drop doesn't mean that they're not confident in the final product. Would be horrible to make us wait 10-13 years for a bad game.
  3. ​Well that sucks for the developers then but it's good for us since Amazon does that "pre-order price guarantee" thing.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. Just pre-ordered it. Wonder if this was some accident or if they're actually going to be selling it for $40 like they did both HD ReMix.
  5. One Piece. It got boring around episode 100. No way I could make it through all 600+ episodes. Might try again though since it's been a while.
  6. ​He also acts like his "character" on Twitter and any forums he goes on so it's kind of hard to tell when he's not in "character" if there is in fact one or if that's just how he really acts.
  7. ​Yeah they're full of DSP references. Phil's said he's seen them before and has called them "malicious hater videos used for slander". Mostly everyone including some of his fans like them though.
  8. ​Sure it's not kickstarter. You're the one that keeps saying "Wont take straight donations. I like to give stuff back to you" but you started the Patreon and people that donate have no clue on what they're going to be receiving or if they will actually receive anything. The way you keep saying "If you're only joining/waiting for perks then you're doing it wrong and shouldn't join" just sounds like you want straight donations which you keep saying you're against. Also you just started using it, the site will help you get money and you're already finding something to complain about by calling it primitive? These forums aren't high class either you know?
  9. ​He changed it today. So at least he fixed that part.
  10. ​Except this is to give Phil legit criticism which he says he has no problems with. Phil only closed the first one because some people weren't following the rules and started going off topic. The other thread that just got closed (which is why you're trying to close this now) was to do nothing more than insult trolls and "haters" which of course would start flame wars.
  11. Have 2 problems with his Patreon since it's up now. 1. The picture just makes the account look stupid and fake. All of the fake ones looked real in comparison. 2. Claims he's an innovator of Lets Plays and "did it before it was cool!" which just makes him sound arrogant since people were using the term Lets Plays and doing them years before he ever showed up.
  12. ​It came out a little while ago that it will be very similar to Dark Souls where there's different places but they're all connected so thankfully it's not just that dark town for the whole game.
  13. ​Phil just confirmed during his prestream that it's real.
  14. ​Innovator means someone that introduced something new and there were plenty of LPers years before him. Like I said it still comes across as being very arrogant. Either that or showing off his ego.
  15. ​LPers were around years before he showed up and I just noticed his Patreon says "I inadvertently became an innovator of the YouTube gaming scene" so the other thing wasn't a meme or expression. Like I said he comes off as being very arrogant with stuff like that there.
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