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  1. Then why are you even here reading it? Not only did you say a while ago that you were done here, but you're on vacation in Japan, why do you even care what's going on with some random forum? Even DSP managed to not touch these forums while he was on vacation for week just 40 minutes away from his house. If you're that bored to be bothered and upset about what's posted on a forum while you're on vacation, you might want to find some more exciting people to travel with, if your traveling with anyone at all.
  2. My penis is erect, but my soul is still empty..
  3. Also I just wanted to throw this out there. You know Phil you're trying to attract viewers and creators that you've insulted multiple times over the years and even went as far as to say they've attributed to your "attempted murder" (being swatted) a while ago, right? It was a while ago, but it's the internet, and all that content is still actively available to anyone who dares to seek it. I don't see much success in an audience that not only already has an established place to view TIYDP style videos, but youve publically insulted multiple times and now wish to have their view/content on
  4. My bad; edited. And piss off is a more European thing meaning "fuck off" or go away for those who are sensitive to curse words. In America it most of the time means making someone angry.
  5. Doesn't really make sense. All the TIHYDP videos, especially of the Dark Souls series, are in the millions of views. Plus they're not monetized so why would they get pissed that video of yours in the likeness of the tihydp series got 6,000 views in *checks channel* a week being up? Doesnt seem too logical Yeah but you go the distance to make sure nothing critical is visible in the section, I got the video in my notifications and was the first 500 to watch, there was a few comment saying "this is tihydp" or "this sucks", relatively light to the kinds of comments I see flashing in the us
  6. Just completed watching the new Dark Souls Death Reactions video, and they're getting better! But I also have to say, especially this new video, it conveniently (or tries hard to) leaves and edits out the proceeding one to two minutes of complaints/excuses Phil has after every death. It truly is the anti-tihydp video series. I personally know what happens after the initial "Wooooow!" Or "Chaaaaamaaann!" this video seems to highlight really well. So the question has to be asked. This video that highlights the initial reaction and the tihydp that captures most of the full negative rea
  7. No one cares about it today or the day it releases. It's the exact same game it's always been. It's like Assasins Creed, or Madden. A repetitive mess. What's the gimmick in this one? "You shoot Hitler" *drops mic* Nah, gonna need more that to not only entice a mass of people, but get them to buy it. Because I played two and 3, I can tell you that bullet time /xray kills get old real quick once you realize how dumb the AI is and how the story isn't that compelling, or the fact you're a sniper shooting at targets that never more than a 100 yards away.... Nobody is going to watch a full
  8. No one cares about it now, he should skip a lot more games this year.
  9. I can't tell whether you're enjoying a boss or hating it. You have the exact same reactions to both situations. This is what i've seen, and just be aware, im only watching you fight the bosses (theres a montage idea). Onryoki you complained about the dodging (even though saying its way better than Dark Souls) and probably one of the low points of this playthrough so far is you rolling into an attack, then saying "Whats the point of dodging if you're not invincible?" You only died once to the guy, but doesn't seem like you enjoyed him after all the complaining. Hino-enma was more dodg
  10. Sounds good KG! Just a travel advisory for you, stay away from Yokohama nightclubs. Also if a woman comes and wants a drink, just make sure you are just paying for the drink and not her time. Cheers!
  11. But anyways, yeah to be frank. DSP needs some help, there's no way KO Gaming is going to survive without some secondary reinforcement from QUALITY fan created topics.
  12. I don't think you have to be in a group to realize the resemblance, but ok. Plus remember bub, you drained at least two years of your life everyday defending Phil from detractors, so I'm gonna need you to not have such harsh undertones in your comments to me, since you've invested way more time in that "group" than anyone here. For the record, I didn't compare DSP to LTG. Any one that's 6'4 and gets owned in a video game while still being talked shit to by a hobbit during an expedition, has no comparison.
  13. ReviewTechUSA and DSP are kindred spirits. I like to believe if DSP listened and wasn't so stubborn, his channel would be on the up and up like his.
  14. Damn, I must of really made you upset. Btw lets compare the person you just insulted and your accomplishments. Hazz3r - was a mod at one point and has contributed suggestions and a lot more for the community. TheTruthCommission - questions ever critique, insults people with new refreshing ideas, and the only thing notable you've done was spearhead a movement to get one guy banned and then make an avatar to further insult him. Hmmm I wonder who's more valuable...
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