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  1. His review was completely wrong, and the reason why he gave it a bad review is because he couldn't understand basic mechanics. You are a wise man.
  2. Oh i have absolutely no problem with that, i'm reminding you that you literally worked for free (phil makes money from YT) for a guy who would rapidly call you a moron simply for giving him criticism on a bad day, and you know he would. It took me 2 to 3 seconds to type that message, so it's not counter productive or a waste of time, i'm enjoying myself with the whole DSP situation, everything about it is enormously entertaining...
  3. you'd know, since you said it yourself that you used to make TIHYDP videos. btw how many subs did you get from all the KOCC exposure? You must be very happy for not working for free, right? :)
  4. It's called OPINIONS, KG. That's how grown ups talk.
  5. I don't believe him, i'll only believe if i see it. If fred fuchs makes a kocc montage dsp won't accept it.
  6. Phil would never, i repeat, NEVER allow Fred Fuchs or anyone from the SoK to make an TIHYDP for his channel.
  7. Is it just me that would love to see dsp playing LoL??? Especially if he doesn't mute the chat...
  8. TIHYDP Hearthstone ep's 1 and 2 by David Davidson.
  9. Entertainment is subjective, also you didn't suggest someone might do something other than criticizing phil, you just told them to stop if they don't like it. i bet you use the word "hater" unironically. :>
  10. This line of reasoning is incredibly childish. If one has the right and freedom to watch and like something, one has the right and freedom to watch and dislike it.
  11. 1 - The video has to be transformative IN NATURE (creating something new): This means that if you get his Dark Souls footage and make your video, you're not watching phil's video, but something entirely different (on this sense, a parody because it's an edited compilation that ridicules Phil, or a compilation of videos with the objective of criticizing him). 2 - It's irrelevant whether or not your video is monetized. 3 - Your video can't steal viewership from DSP (can't compete with DSP): This means that the title, thumbnail and the marketing of the video can't fool the viewer into clickin
  12. It's not a "so you know when to laugh" thing, it's more in a sense of adding to the evil part of a roast. TIHYDP takes a step further into being mean instead of being funny, because comics only go to a certain extent in order to make fun of someone while roasting them. TIHYDP wants to ridicule Phil much more than make you laugh, or at least that's what i get from it. The comments don't really add all that much because it's easy enough to find that sort of comment in any of DSP's videos... EDIT: The comments would be a whole lot funnier if they were praising DSP's skills (which you can als
  13. A TIHYDP is in nature a roast video and the comments are part of the roast.
  14. Phil often calls his channel his "business". On that perspective, his subs would be his clients, but no business man EVER talks to his clients like this besides Phil. Let's see if this criticism is taken lightly, and don't forget that DSP is more than 30 years old, so his feelings towards a client's comment hardly matters.
  15. kocc is trying to get the views that TIHYDP's get but without insulting Phil, it doesn't show angry reactions and post-death rants. People see right through it and therefore they don't like it. Was Phil able to laugh at himself, he'd take those "slandering" comments like a champ and the very same people who watch a TIHYDP will subscribe to Phil.
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