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  1. This is in no way a good thing with the current state of things. Phil already has a negative reputation throughout the internet. Any attention he gets at this point is just going to contribute to that. What he needs is something positive to be remembered by. Not infamous for DSP tries it videos, snippets of him being called a racist, bigot, pedophile and so on. For the record, #DSPtriesit trended on twitter a while back. Sure it gave Phil more exposure, but not the exposure that he would want. The only people who benefit from this is the people who make detractor videos linking to that hashtag. Is that what you want? I don't think so.
  2. Alright, I'll take a shot at this. While trying to be as impartial as I can without any defamatory or circlejerky comments. From best to worst: 1) 2011: Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of my personal favorite games of this year. It's the next installment in the Deus Ex series, the first game of which I highly consider to be one of the greatest games of all time. So, it helps greatly that Phil thoroughly enjoyed DEHR and was one of his most solid playthroughs that year. Of course that year was also the year of Skyrim and Arkham City so that helps too. 2) 2009: Remember when CoD wasn't the most milked game franchise on the planet? Well this is the year where that applied. That year, we had games like Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2. Also, the long ongoing series of Street Fighter 4 MADNESS which I personally found hilarious. 3) 2010: Year of Co-op with John Rambo. Featuring hilarious antics such as TV Superstars and Start The Party. Also Red Dead Redemption. 4) 2008: Not really a year I can comment on. This year is when Phil first started and I only started watching snippets of his content. Regardless, it serves as the standard for the remainder of the years on this list.... 5) 2013: There weren't very many playthoughs I was interested in. Beyond: Two Souls also was pretty overrated in my eyes. I didn't watch Phil's GTA 5 playthrough since I was in the process of playing it for myself. Same can be said for TLOU. Also, this is the birth year for TIHYDP, and subsequently Phil's negative streak. 6) 2012: Where it all went downhill for me. RE6 wasn't as bad as some of the critics said, but it certainly wasn't as overrated as Phil made it out to be in his review. Also, most of the playthroughs this year were pretty terrible in my honest opinion. MGS2 and MGS3 notwithstanding. And let's not mention that whole Crouch Jump fiasco.... 7) 2014: Don't want to go into too much detail into how this was such a terrible year for Phil. But anyway, it was pretty much a down year for gaming if all you do is play the newest overhyped releases. For me, this year was mostly a year for expansions to existing games and patches for those big MOBAs. Of course, you have all the drama, which is having a visible effect on Phil's commentary. Views were at an all time low, and the negativity was high. Although it hasn't finished yet, 2015 would end up dead last on this list. It almost feels to me that Phil is on life support at this point with all the stuff that's occuring to him. So far, there have been no playthroughs that interest me, and the games that you would think should bring in a sizable audience haven't. That includes such games like Witcher 3. Since the views have been dwindling (sub 3 million per month), Phil has been banking on Patreon to keep him afloat, but who knows how long that will actually sustain him.
  3. ​I don't know what Phil said about Mario Party 10, so I can't comment on that. But Elder Scrolls Online is a mediocre MMO trying to cash in on the Elder Scrolls name. I really don't think it's worth it for Phil to pay monthly sub fees just to try out that game. But hey, if Phil isn't playing a certain game, I say just give him the benefit of the doubt and say it was for business reasons rather than people begging him not to play them. When has Phil been the kind to not play a game just because a vocal minority told him not to?
  4. ​You could have said your piece about how you run your business without having to resort to this accusatory line. What kind of silly agenda do you think I can push for simply by stating that the playthrough isn't raking in consistent viewership and therefore has to be played in downtime instead? ​No. But it heavily depends on what kind of audience Phil has. People loved it when Phil explored Phoenix Wright back several years ago. Nobody requested it, Phil did it on his own volition and people loved it. Of course that's to say that Phil's audience may have changed over time, considering the wave of negativity that occurred since then.
  5. ​ ​Both of you misinterpret me. I'm not saying the playthrough sucks because Phil is sucking at the game and is blaming the game on silly bugs (Which he isn't, from what I've heard from him he seems to be enjoying the game just fine). I'm saying it sucks because there is nothing special about the playthrough that warrants every single one of Phil's fans to come watch it, therefore leading to poor audience retention. It's an old game explored by someone who missed out on it when it first came out, nothing more and nothing less. Let me ask you guys something: If Phil is enjoying the game so much, why is it that he has to consider lowering the video frequency of the playthrough? Why would he deliberately cut down on something that he is enjoying? Even more so considering it was the Patrons who enabled Phil to experience this game firsthand?
  6. ​Maybe those 30 million players are people who can put up with the learning curve and the highly competitive and toxic? Maybe because the game is also very popular in highly populated countries like China and South Korea where console gaming is otherwise moot in comparison to PC gaming? I dunno, there are a lot of potential factors as to why a popular game like LoL is as popular as it is despite being as competitive as it is, but one things for certain is that I highly doubt Phil would enjoy trying to get into it knowing how LoL already has an established competitive scene. Even in the off chance that he would enjoy it, he can't due to his obsession with 1080p/60fps which hinders his ability to record PC games with his current. That's why you hear him say that he may be unable to play XCOM 2 when it comes out. ​I sure as hell wouldn't have fun watching someone try out a MOBA for the first time and not know what the hell they were doing. For me, it would be embarrassing to watch, it would humiliate the person playing it, and it would make that person a laughing stock, and I don't think Phil needs any more of that given his current reputation. I do agree that HOTS would be a better game for Phil to jump into given its relatively casual nature, but again, I have to point out that Phil's current PC setup may be ill fit to record PC games with his 1080p/60fps. But I digress, this is the Yakuza 4 playthrough thread anyway, so let's not get too carried away. However, everything that needs to be said about the playthrough has already been said: The playthrough sucks, nobody wants to see Phil play it, least of all the people who are irritated by him talking over the japanese voice overs despite common feedback suggesting that he shouldn't, and on top of all that, this game was requested by nobody but the Patrons.
  7. ​Viewer: "I really don't like how Phil talks over the Japanese VOs." Phil: "I have blind viewers, so I will continue to read the subtitles." Viewer: "Okay fine then, I'll skip the playthrough." Phil: "Honestly not sure what happened here. Game started out decently when it came to streams/viewership but it looks like the last 2 sessions completely tanked." ​ABSOLUTELY NOT. MOBA's are one of the worst kinds of games for the uninitiated to dip their foot in part time without dedication. Extreme learning curves, extremely competitive and toxic communities, and extremely time consuming to try and learn. And I would know this because I play League of Legends.
  8. ​The real question is: who cares? Chances are you wouldn't believe their motives even if they were legit and justified, so why bother looking into what they're trying to do? Regardless of whether they're trying to help him or sabotage him, Phil's situation has been shown to not been improving. And this factors both Socialblade and Patreon into account.
  9. ​This. Unfortunate that circumstance calls for this, but Phil isn't in the best of situations where he can actively be experimental.
  10. ​Blind viewers aren't all that uncommon on youtube. However, I'm not sure that warrants talking over the Japanese VOs.
  11. ​ ​According to what he said in his chat, he has blind viewers.
  12. ​Reaaaall mature kid. Resorting to insults against a neutral party. You are really showing how much that Phil's fanbase as gone down the shitter. That kind of attitude drives away potential newcomers you know, when they see someone being an asshole to someone who is trying to have a civil conversation about a sensitive topic.
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