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  1. Phil cares more about paying his bills than he does integrity. The run of the mill ebegger can pay their bills. He is simply not interesting enough. His jokes aren't funny enough. I'm not a hater by any means, but so much of Phil's peak business hinges on what games are out. "No big, hyped-up releases, and so views are low!" People should be tuning in for HIM, but they don't. So, he will have to change his style I'm afraid. P.s. Sorry if I sounded rude in the first post. I didn't realise until I read that back, haha.
  2. With all due respect, who cares why you watch him? His hardcore YouTube fanbase was not enough to sustain him. So many businesses make that mistake. "But.., if I change, I'll lose my most loyal customers!" Yes - your 20 loyal customers. If Phil does not want to go get a normal job, then he needs to change. The reason why he has been failing is because people found him less interesting. You can think of any work around you like, but it comes down to that. He needs to be interesting!
  3. I've been with my girlfriend nearly eleven years now, but there's nothing wrong with being single! I imagine most of them probably don't have girlfriends, but then I know plenty of people with girlfriends who are just as lonely. That said, I do find it an odd way to spend your time. Maybe they are just very talented video editors,l. But between making TIHYDP, following Phil's streams, holding their multiple hours long streams etc. It does seem like they could be doing something more worthwhile. Is Phil even worth it? He's a small YouTuber. And according to them, a small and failing YouTuber. So, it just seems odd, but everyone has their kicks I guess?
  4. I guess I just don't get it. Is it a mob mentality thing? If I see Phil failing and blaming the developers, I don't need a comment to say, "Blaming the devs again..." But I've never been a fan of laughter tracks in comedy shows either, haha. I don't need other people to tell me something is supposed to be funny.
  5. Huh? I love a lot of TIHYDP videos, but don't you find the comments/memes a distraction? Like I said before, I don't need comments saying, "lol I beat this when I was 8." to tell me how to feel, haha. I just want clear footage of Phil failing. If nothing else, the constant interruptions make the whole thing seem fake. Just keep it as raw as possible. Just out of interest - why do you like the comments? What do they do for you?
  6. They're not trying to help. I agree. Phil has done plenty of silly things, and if you dislike him for that, then just be honest about it. I think.... to an extent, some people can't bring themselves to admit that they literally spend hours out of their precious weeks on this planet feeling genuine negative emotion for a (let's be honest) relatively small YouTuber. So, in lieu of acknowledging that, maybe they pretend they're fighting the good fight on behalf of others, or trying to "help" Phil. If you hate him, just own it. Haha i freely admit I never watch his play though, but if I've got 30 minutes or so, I'll check his vlogs or him raging about something. When all is said and done, and Phil has moved on from YouTube due to a finance crash on his part or otherwise, he will walk away having achieved something relatively special, actually. A portion of his haters will walk away from their epic time sink with... I don't know. Nothing, really.
  7. I'm looking forward to the TIHYDP! One last quick question: Are you able to protect yourself against a copyright strike with these? What if somebody made a new account a few months ago, uploaded the KOCC submission privately and then sent it to you. Once you upload it, they could claim a copyright strike saying the video originated on their channel. Maybe I'm misunderstanding stuff, but have you found a way to completely avoid this?
  8. I rage and bitch at games all the damn time, lmao. Even if I know it's my fault, I just like to whine and argue at the game. I know me and DSP are NOT alone. Again, TIHYDP can be hilarious. MGS is a series so dear to me, and it's why I'm currently living in Japan and speak Japanese. Seriously, the game shaped my childhood and who I am now. The MGS TIHYDP are my favourites haha! I think Phil is kind of, at least to me, not a usual Let's Player. I don't watch Let's Plays. Why do I care to watch somebody sit back and enjoy a game I've played and/or want to play? I like to watch DSP rage and blame the game. It's bloody hilarious. I'm just not the kind of guy to sit through his playthroughs/streams. So I like this KOCC thing.
  9. Hey guys, New to the forum, and as you can see by my dumb question, not very smart about law. Phil has often said TIHYDP (all of them? I'm not sure) are copyright protected, and if he had the resources, could own then. But why do they not fall under the category of satire/commentary/parody? Again, stupid question I know, but I've just always wondered. Cheers!
  10. I like them. I think a lot of guys are concerning themselves with whether or not this is too late for Phil, but I'm just enjoying the content I like, and not watching what I don't like. I'm a viewer. I personally never watch Phil's streams or playthroughs, but I like his vlogs and his raging/fails. So, I'm happy to see these. As for TIHYDP, whilst I enjoy their format, they can be a bit too... geeky, for want of a better word. Seeing comments about Pandalee, or nerdy references to nonsense memes just clutters up what I want to see - Phil raging. I don't need a bunch of comments to tell me how to feel, haha.
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