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  1. Vlad - Armored Core: Master of Arena
  2. Mmm, that sounds tasty. 4, 5, 6.
  3. If you could combine three fruits into one smoothie drink, what would they be?
  4. Haha, it's fine! I took a while to get back anyway. =) Mmm, plenty of embarrassing things have happened to me, honestly. If there is one that sticks out the most, it is the following: One day, I decided to dress up in the Blue Spirit costume (from Avatar: The Last Airbender), including dual swords and a custom made mask. I was already late for a class because it was across the campus and I had only 10 minutes in between classes to get there. I spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom, so of course I was going to be late. I walk in with my mask and everything, then everyone in the lecture hall (90+ students) begins to react. Then, I couldn't move. Why? Because the zipper for my sword case got stuck on the blinds of the door. All of that reaction turned into laughter...I pretty much interrupted the start of the lecture with that incident, but I am glad that I was wearing my mask, because my face was really red from the embarrassment. By and far the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me, hands down! 4, 5, 6.
  5. Morimoto100

    The Last Post

    Ah, good times, good times.. I will be scraping and licking the dust you all leave from the last place spot!
  6. Morimoto100

    The Last Post

    But not the one trailing dead last anymore...so in a sense, yep. You are a winner! Just not the last place titleholder. =)
  7. Morimoto100

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    That would be cheating. As if that matters anymore. =)
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