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  1. Maybe a Fan Appreciation multiplayer event with his viewers like he used to do? Oh wait no, he's too scared to do that now
  2. Most hilarious hot take from DSP- Witcher 3 had no sex scenes
  3. It's funny how every time romance plotlines come up DSP (this supposed "mature adult") acts like a 12 year old scared of girl cooties. Instead of treating it as character development, simply liking the characters and so on, he covers his face and whines about it. He doesn't act like a normal person lol.
  4. It continues because people are stupid enough to pay him money to put on a stupid vest. If the idiots like the person who tipped him 65 dollars at the end of stream stopped doing it this dude wouldn't talk about and obsess over it anymore.
  5. Vote for Fire embleeeemm, best Switch game of 2019
  6. It's the streamer's job to entertain the audience, not the audience's job to entertain the streamer. If people are bored by the stream then of course they won't interact.
  7. Clearly it was the old non married Phil who played Persona 5, now that he's a married dude now and romance storylines in video games is apparently cheating and "immature" he has no need for anime waifus because he has his own real waifu. He straight up skipped Fire Emblem 3 Houses, one of the best games last year for the same crazy reason, and also that it's "niche" (ROFL, it's the most mainstream Fire Emblem ever made). Dude is super insecure. Miranda's ass in Mass Effect 2 is gonna make him look away from the screen and cover his eyes.
  8. Oh boy, I take issue with Phil's statement that "there are no hyped games for me to play". He could you know, actually play the other hyped games last year that he skipped for no reason?
  9. That's his problem if he isn't secure enough in his relationship to separate fiction from reality like a normal individual.
  10. Following hundreds of Danganronpa 2 videos for example gets annoying. You could easily cut down the number of parts by making each video 30 mins long for example. And you don't need to make "scripted" content. Just take the time to edit the boring parts out (like for example, you're stuck somewhere and nothing interesting is happening or aren't talking about something interesting), and skip to the point when you figure things out. I have never seen an playthrough with editing that's "scripted". They just cut small parts out that people honestly wouldn't want to see. Editing your videos would g
  11. Shortening the vids is a temporary solution I feel. If that helps Phil in the short term I agree with it, but in the long term I feel that you should do some editing to increase the interest people have in watching them. You should be cutting out things that are uninteresting to viewers. A lot of the popular Let's Players out there like RadBrad do that coupled with almost 30 minute long videos. Even so people are still asking him in comments to do LONGER videos! Watch RadBrad. He's not 'fake' like you say a lot of YouTubers are, and he releases less videos because of all the editing he does bu
  12. Having a day off is required for wellbeing. It's not going to have much of an impact on Phil because he is going to stream more during the week.
  13. People I play games with on Steam seem to think it's really good, and reminds them of Chivalry Medieval Warfare. I'm afraid I'm not inclined to agree. Looks like a very fun skill based game.
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