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  1. So I'm watching this multiplayer Minecraft set on the tkoh server and I have to say it was a really bad idea to do this with everyone on the server. It would have been a much better walkthrough if Phil was exploring by himself and finding things like that. But with everyone jumping in front of him and following him around, desperately vying for a few seconds of youtube screen time just kind of ruined it. Not to mention the lag it created making it harder to watch. Not saying he shouldn't involve his fans especially when they helped to build things there, but I think that would have fit better
  2. He's already grinding which will ruin the playthrough. He doesn't want tips, he wants it to be as easy as possible.
  3. ​But isn't that exactly what happened? KG was banned for breaking the rules and was immediately unbanned by someone else, presumably Phil, because he was a pretty big donator? I'm pretty sure that's what Revan said and it's very easy to believe. Why else would he be unbanned. Well, I think Revan said he was restored because Phil needed his votes in the patreon poll or something but that's an absolutely ridiculous reason to unban someone. He could've gotten the vote via twitter or in a youtube comment/message. If that's the reason, it's just the excuse used to unban a big donator.
  4. ​Good thing we aren't here to watch you play anything then. I'd rather see what he thinks of the game.
  5. Agreed. Raid mode is a lot of fun and I found it to be more enjoyable/fun than the actual story. The gameplay is solid and fast paced, you can level up and unlock better perks, you can upgrade and find all kinds of weapons, there are a ton of stages to try. Not to mention the co-op if you want to do that. To dismiss it after one try is extremely shortsighted but that's just Phil. He wants to act like his opinion is an expert's opinion and he's never wrong in his own mind. There's no way he'll ever give it a fair chance now. He wants to rush off to the next game.
  6. He'll play it when people aren't interested in it anymore. Then he'll be upset about the low views.
  7. Easy answer: Because those games don't get the views that he wants so he avoids playing them.
  8. ​Yup. And then he gets all hurt and angry and wants to go on a rant when people (reviewers) trash a game he does like such as Resident Evil Revelations 2. Such a double standard with him. He'll talk shit about some games he thinks are dumb but god forbid anyone talks shit about a game that he likes. All while gladly profiting off of those games he talks shit about. Like Minecraft.
  9. ​Kind of like WWE Supercard or WWE Immortals. People sink weeks/months of their lives into those "no real end goal, time wasters that are incredibly addictive" style games. Hell, they even throw hundreds of dollars at those games. At least Minecraft only costs twenty bucks and you can actually, you know, use your brain while playing it. But I have no idea why you're calling it dumb and whatnot when you've never played it. How can you even question or debate if it's a "bad" game or not until then? Or if it's "only REALLY fun" with mods? Your opinion is meaningless until you do play it and hones
  10. People feel more important when they say that they have a business.
  11. ​Well, he knows it will get big youtube views too when he puts the videos up on there. Easy money.
  12. I think the big reason why his commentary has become so stale is that he limits himself to only talking about or joking about exactly what is happening in the game in that moment. That only works with games with good narrative like Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, maybe even stuff like Fallout and KOTOR. But in any other style of game, it makes his jokes and commentary seem forced and bland, respectively. I've grown to enjoy a lot of youtubers who don't mind going off course to talk about other topics. Like if he's playing Majora's Mask, talk about if he played Ocarina of Time and what he thought
  13. Random question/thought. Why do we even have mods here? Phil just goes around locking every topic anyway.
  14. ​That makes sense. I'd just like him to clarify and go through details for each tier. What will happen exactly, like if they are the old Project 7 shirts or if he's making new ones, if people get to ask him questions in the $100 tier or if he's only going to talk to them, etc. Or even if a troll does donate five bucks with the username "DSPsucksdonkeyballs" (just an example, don't freak out mods) will he actually put that in the thank you video or will he just ignore it and take that five bucks? It's how he handles all the little details that I'm curious about.
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