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  1. So I'm watching this multiplayer Minecraft set on the tkoh server and I have to say it was a really bad idea to do this with everyone on the server. It would have been a much better walkthrough if Phil was exploring by himself and finding things like that. But with everyone jumping in front of him and following him around, desperately vying for a few seconds of youtube screen time just kind of ruined it. Not to mention the lag it created making it harder to watch. Not saying he shouldn't involve his fans especially when they helped to build things there, but I think that would have fit better in a fan appreciation sort of day. Also, I think it's very lame that he fought the ender dragon with a group on this server. Would have been way better if he did it by himself on his own world after working his way up to that point someday.
  2. He's already grinding which will ruin the playthrough. He doesn't want tips, he wants it to be as easy as possible.
  3. ​But isn't that exactly what happened? KG was banned for breaking the rules and was immediately unbanned by someone else, presumably Phil, because he was a pretty big donator? I'm pretty sure that's what Revan said and it's very easy to believe. Why else would he be unbanned. Well, I think Revan said he was restored because Phil needed his votes in the patreon poll or something but that's an absolutely ridiculous reason to unban someone. He could've gotten the vote via twitter or in a youtube comment/message. If that's the reason, it's just the excuse used to unban a big donator.
  4. ​Good thing we aren't here to watch you play anything then. I'd rather see what he thinks of the game.
  5. Agreed. Raid mode is a lot of fun and I found it to be more enjoyable/fun than the actual story. The gameplay is solid and fast paced, you can level up and unlock better perks, you can upgrade and find all kinds of weapons, there are a ton of stages to try. Not to mention the co-op if you want to do that. To dismiss it after one try is extremely shortsighted but that's just Phil. He wants to act like his opinion is an expert's opinion and he's never wrong in his own mind. There's no way he'll ever give it a fair chance now. He wants to rush off to the next game.
  6. He'll play it when people aren't interested in it anymore. Then he'll be upset about the low views.
  7. Easy answer: Because those games don't get the views that he wants so he avoids playing them.
  8. ​Yup. And then he gets all hurt and angry and wants to go on a rant when people (reviewers) trash a game he does like such as Resident Evil Revelations 2. Such a double standard with him. He'll talk shit about some games he thinks are dumb but god forbid anyone talks shit about a game that he likes. All while gladly profiting off of those games he talks shit about. Like Minecraft.
  9. ​Kind of like WWE Supercard or WWE Immortals. People sink weeks/months of their lives into those "no real end goal, time wasters that are incredibly addictive" style games. Hell, they even throw hundreds of dollars at those games. At least Minecraft only costs twenty bucks and you can actually, you know, use your brain while playing it. But I have no idea why you're calling it dumb and whatnot when you've never played it. How can you even question or debate if it's a "bad" game or not until then? Or if it's "only REALLY fun" with mods? Your opinion is meaningless until you do play it and honestly, this is one of the worst and most wrong opinions I've ever seen about a game. Nor do I trust you to give it a fair shake when you do inevitably give your review or impressions on the game. And neither should any of your fans with this attitude and the preconceptions that you've had for over four years now. Your bias is extremely obvious and now I'm suddenly wishing that you weren't going to play Minecraft. I'm sure you'll mod the hell out of people replying to this even though not a single rule was broken.
  10. People feel more important when they say that they have a business.
  11. ​Well, he knows it will get big youtube views too when he puts the videos up on there. Easy money.
  12. I think the big reason why his commentary has become so stale is that he limits himself to only talking about or joking about exactly what is happening in the game in that moment. That only works with games with good narrative like Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, maybe even stuff like Fallout and KOTOR. But in any other style of game, it makes his jokes and commentary seem forced and bland, respectively. I've grown to enjoy a lot of youtubers who don't mind going off course to talk about other topics. Like if he's playing Majora's Mask, talk about if he played Ocarina of Time and what he thought of it. Or why he didn't play it. Talk about being a kid and how you felt back then or your experiences back then, why ALTTP was magical to you. Or his favorite Zelda games and why he specifically likes them. Or what he'd really like to see in Zelda U. It's okay to go off topic a bit instead of keeping it 100% on what's happening within the game. We can see what's happening, we don't need a constant play-by-play. He can switch back to that if something major is happening, a cutscene, a boss battle, something surprising. Things like that.
  13. Random question/thought. Why do we even have mods here? Phil just goes around locking every topic anyway.
  14. ​That makes sense. I'd just like him to clarify and go through details for each tier. What will happen exactly, like if they are the old Project 7 shirts or if he's making new ones, if people get to ask him questions in the $100 tier or if he's only going to talk to them, etc. Or even if a troll does donate five bucks with the username "DSPsucksdonkeyballs" (just an example, don't freak out mods) will he actually put that in the thank you video or will he just ignore it and take that five bucks? It's how he handles all the little details that I'm curious about.
  15. ​So let's say they do decide to support you and give you $5 a month. You're saying they won't be thanked in any way and you just wouldn't come through on that perk for them? And also, just for clarification, the $5 perk only gets a text "thank you" somewhere and you have to pay $100 for the personalized one that actually gets their name mentioned?
  16. After giving it some thought, I think I would like a Wednesday recap video too. Screw it, go all out and give me a recap on Monday as well. You can never have enough preview/review videos for the week. We can call it Week in Wednesday or The King of Monday. Then of course we'll have the daily prestreams where these same topics will be discussed as well. It's like a bonus.
  17. Why does he need to edit? Nobody NEEDS to edit but it certainly helps a ton. It will attract new viewers and it's much more pleasing to watch an edited video. I don't want to get a headache because I'm watching a bouncing camera filming a computer screen all because someone didn't want to put together some gameplay footage real quick. Why should he not edit, Meteo? I don't know about you but I think people prefer to watch higher quality, more professional looking videos. He's only shooting himself in the foot when he releases the quick, easiest possible videos. I'm also not sure why he released a week in review on a Friday night. I don't think the week normally ends there, especially with new releases. They come out on Tuesdays and he'll be doing a "week in review" on Friday/Saturday? Seems odd. But he could have waited until tomorrow at some point to throw something better together for this. I'm not sure what the big rush was about, assuming that's the excuse for the low effort.
  18. I'd put this in the channel discussion forum but there's no subforum for this over there yet. A mod can move it if they want to. But I'm just wondering why this isn't just combined with the week in preview? I thought he usually mentioned what he did during the past week in those videos and that's all this is. Also, him holding a camera is pretty terrible for this. At least put some good gameplay clips from each of the games you played this week while talking over them. Maybe say what you liked and didn't like from each game or what you're hoping to see in them the following week, assuming the playthrough is still ongoing. But the minimal effort in this video was just... not good at all. To put it nicely. Even for a quick, random first time effort it's just not good at all. With some editing it might be okay but the topic is still very redundant to me. What other ways can he improve this series?
  19. Probably TV Superstars. I'd say Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze just because I loved that game so much. But I think it was filled with Phil just saying "Oh no, John!" "Come on, John!" over and over again whenever he died, trying to blame him. That kind of ruins their co-op playthroughs when he did that.
  20. ​What? What do you mean he was forced to take the name and start accepting donations? No he was not. He easily could've blocked donations until he had goals set up. The fake account that had it before him wasn't accepting donations. He just wanted to earn an easy $150 for doing nothing at all. And the issue isn't necessarily that he hasn't promised anything yet, although that's very shady considering he's taking money. The issue is that he's crying about views and the debt that he's in while going out and spending ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous things. And then he comes back online with his hands out, waiting for more money from people. It's silly. If he didn't spend his money this way, he wouldn't even need the patreon page in the first place. Nobody forced him to move across the country and find an expensive house for two damn people. That was his choice and he's the one who screwed up. I don't feel sorry for him at all. If people want to donate to him, that's cool. But he should at least put some goals up so he's not taking their money with nothing in return. The fact that you're even defending him wanting patreon money to take days off to set up the green screen is unreal. That's something anyone can do in a short amount of time. You don't need a whole day for that. He spends half of his nights watching movies and tv shows. He could easily skip one and set up the green screen instead. Or when he has a short playthrough session like Game of Thrones, only 90 minutes or whatever of streaming... he could easily set up the green screen after that. He just chooses not to. Hell, he has a perfectly healthy girlfriend who lives with him. SHE can set up the green screen for him one day. She won't. And now you say people should be punished because certain posts aren't in the criticism thread? LOL. This post is probably the worst one I've ever read on this forum. And you aren't a mod. But don't worry, Phil or one a select few other mods will be in here soon to start deleting and banning left and right because you aren't allowed to say anything negative on here. People are talking about his goals, or should we say the total lack of them, so it seems pretty on topic to me. But ultimately, it's on Phil to finally go ahead and make some damn goals already. We can't hold his hand for everything. He should've had this stuff thought out and ready to go before he even took the name for the site. The fact that he even needs help from everyone to think of goals speaks volumes of how silly and pointless him even having a patreon in the first place is. Just another ridiculous event in a series of ridiculous events.
  21. ​Yep. In my mind, it doesn't matter if he's using the Patreon money or not towards this. It's all mixed in with his bank account anyway. Even if we assume he's not, the issue is that he's going out and still spending money ridiculously while asking for donations because he's in "so much debt." Which is a blatant lie when he can drop at least $500 on a three day trip to a nearby city. And that's the minimum that he spent, it could be upwards of a thousand. Why not put all that 500-1000 towards the debt and go out to do something else, something cheaper, until you're in a more comfortable position with your debt? Otherwise you're lying to every single one of us each time you cry about money and ask for a donation. Do not treat us like idiots. And you STILL don't have any goals set up on your page. Just taking donations for no reason right now and those fans get absolutely nothing in return. You should have had this planned out from the start. Instead, you're more worried about how tasty that leftover $32 pizza is going to be.
  22. ​He's spending at least 300 on the hotel. Then you add in food, drinks and whatever they spend while they're out and you're looking at a minimum of $500 for this trip. And that's on the very low side of things. So I can see why people would be upset. His patrons are basically paying for him to eat expensive ass pizza and to get Leanna drunk. People have a right to be unhappy about it if they want to be. Anyone telling them that they don't doesn't fix anything, it's just ignoring the issues. And he STILL doesn't have any goals set up for his Patreon. That is unbelievable. It has been like a month now that the page is up without any goals. He cares more about tweeting about food than he does about trying to get good goals set up.
  23. Seems like lately he only does reviews if it's controversial in some way. AKA if it'll get views, he'll do a review.
  24. I don't know if he's bored as much as that's just the style of commentary he has molded himself into over the years. It's kind of pandering to the "young" audience which makes up a lot of his viewers. With the whole constant dick/sex jokes and the musical song attempts that he does. They get a big laugh out of that. It's kind of like saying the word fart to a little kid. They'll always giggle. It just comes off as being so forced and it's obvious he's always trying to sing because he wants people to start doing remixes again or he wants to use the songs in a future montage. It's one of the reasons his commentary isn't as good as it used to be years ago. It all just seems so fake, it's so transparent, so forced and it's not funny unless you're a kid. The fact that he basically ignores the story in most games just adds fuel to the fire. He talks over characters all the time, he always tries to joke during sad moments like he's trying to prove how tough he is. It just kills the story aspect of the game. It doesn't have to be all jokes, all the time. But in his mind, I guess it does.
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