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  1. JohnTron

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    No one was sponsored. Pretty much everyone currently streaming SoD2 on Twitch got early access keys for PC: it seems only one streamer is playing early on XBone . There are even people who are neither partnered nor affiliated with Twitch and have less than 10 viewers that got keys. Phil should have stayed away from this. I've seen two ppl on Twitch giving him a shoutout in their stream titles, and now DansGaming (4000+ viewers watching) is talking about it, but not mentioning Phil. (Chat is, tho)
  2. JohnTron

    Sea of Thieves Co Op With DSP

    Despite his final opinion of the game, I thought these were good streams and the best co-ops Phil's had in a while. Especially the Day One crew. I enjoyed watching. Thanks to all involved.
  3. JohnTron

    There is no logic behind this

    The Subcription Feed is not the same as Notifications. I am subscribed to DSPGaming, so my sub feed is messed up sometimes twice a day by the uploads, and it's okay: it's something that I've grown accustomed to. But I absolutely do not have the bell rung/have not opted-in for notifications from DSPGaming. Browser popups on my laptop and desktop to go along with push notifications onto three mobile devices (two phones and a tablet) for EVERY VIDEO would be infuriating and if it were forced onto me for being a subscriber, I'd obviously unsubscribe immediately. When notifications came into play, there were channels that yes, I was subscribed to, but had not visited in almost ten years: as an inactive subscriber, I get no notifications from them. I don't see anything wrong with this. This is better than being automatically sent notifications, having to close/swipe them away, then needing to go to the channel to either opt-out or flat out unsub.
  4. JohnTron

    Homophobic accusations from 12-22-2017

    Mitch Jones picked up a 24-hour ban earlier this week: he was on a friend's stream and called a viewer a "faggot". Though in that case it could be seen as more serious by Twitch as he directly called a user that. Also both Mitch and his friend are more prominent on Twitch than Phil. (Mitch 5-6k subs, Trainwreck ~3k)
  5. JohnTron

    Why Patreon has been low

    re: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 1. I am one of the (many?) people that asked Phil about PUBG earlier this year as it was becoming THE game to stream on Twitch. Phil was dismissive the whole time, saying the game did not interest him while calling people that wanted him to play it "sheep" and the people who stream the game on Twitch "monkeys". And now he really, really wants to play this game? What changed? I think if he stuck to his guns and kept the game at arm's length, PUBG could have eventually won a Patron's Choice, one that was maybe restricted to shooters. 2. Phil played Fortnite: Battle Royale earlier in the month, seemingly on a whim. That'd be like setting up a marathon of League of Legends as a Patreon milestone goal, first time ever on stream with a multi-player online battle arena game provided the dollar amount is reached... then streaming DOTA2 out of the blue, just to see what MOBAs are all about. PUBG and F:BR are different, but much is the same -- a lot of the battle royale, survive-and-scavenge experience (both solo and squad) was given away ahead of time and IMO there would not have been an appreciable difference between those sessions, game mechanics notwithstanding. EDIT: I think South Park had 2 pieces of fan art for the pre-streams, and COD has just one? Teespring has its own title card while Patreon has to share space with Twitter, THEKINGOFHATEVLOGS, etc. Those three or four screens cycle quickly. Make templates for Patreon, put them in the rotation, and cycle in patron's names throughout the month: "The following stream is possible thanks to patrons like (insert name) and (insert name). To support this stream go to (insert link) for info on Patreon." "Thanks to (insert name) for helping us hit this month's Patreon goal, (insert goal). Join us on (insert date) for (insert goal)."
  6. This about the production value of your content, not how that content is being stripped or sized for distribution. People arguing for your moving to green screen is closer to those who wanted you to move to direct capture all those years ago, though not as extreme. Great job! I really appreciate that you inverted the face cam footage, too: it both turns Phil's head toward the action, and pushes the mic off to the side. I like it, but for certain genres I have no problem with normal facecams, especially competitive games where the streamer will frequently switch between windowed mode during matches, and full-screen when talking to the stream. Green screen transparency doesn't have to be 100%. Applying a clean layout I saw from a very small Zelda stream (sub-20 viewers) to the above example: The semi-transparent background frames the streamer, lets you see more of the screen, "disappears" when the scene is dark, and fits in with BotW's UI/menus.